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What Position Ignition is All About

Our Vision

  • We have a vision of making Financial freedom accessible to all by connecting as many people as possible to build and achieve Financial stability.
  • We want to help you realize that Financial freedom means your ability to control your income and expenses. By so doing, you will find out that thinking negatively about money is an emotional obstacle that you must eliminate in order to achieve Financial freedom.
  • Out of our knowledge, skills and researches, we created this blog for those of us who want to use our skills and knowledge as a money making tool. This will help you to put yourself with better focus and a greater sense of self-control and personal power over your finance.


Our Mission

To help you learning about personal finances.

In this blog you will find information like:


  • How to earn money: We will share all the side income ideas and online job opportunities that we trust and we find are legitimate.
  • How to manage money: You will learn how to build wealth by getting useful information, tools & tips to help you best take charge of your money
  • How to clean up your finances: We are sure that the big step you must take towards financial freedom is getting tid of your depth. We will search and share all the ideas that we find helpful to pay off debt and start your saving journey.


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Financial freedom is a marathon, not a sprint

Stand out from the crowd today and take this knowledge we are giving you, which will enable you to:

  • Make decisions about your investment strategy
  • Rebalance your funds regularly to minimize your risk
  • Create a realistic plan for what financial independence looks like to you
  • Take inco account and not to underestimate the values of your credit score
  • Educate your ”money mindset”
My name is Imad (and She's my daughter Lina)

My name is Imad (and She's my daughter Lina)

I am a former money moron who made more than a share of mistakes by:

  • Not having a strategic management of my finance.
  • Spending more than I earned even while in debt.
  • Not being able to an emergency fund.
  • Depending on one flow income (monthly salary)
  • Not having a clear budget

I am a family guy that learned how to manage money properly by accident. Back in 2017, I defended my PhD thesis in environmental toxicology. I got a job in my field of study but the salary was not enough to live like I dreamed. The problem is that after 9 years of University studies, I finished with more than 70k of debt as student loan.

So I decided to learn all I can about how to manage money , pay off the debt and create passive income streams. That is why I created this blog to share all I know and what I have learnt. So that, It will be beneficial to those who are passing through a situation like I did or in need of Financial freedom.

I’ve spent my whole life reading and writing, and I have a PhD degree in environmental toxicology (combination between chemistry and biology). 

These experiences have all resulted in my own particular lens in which I view things.
It’s what brings the awesome sauce to my content.

Position Ignition is your trusted information provider and actionable resource for all things financially related.

The creation of Position Ignition is owed to a need to create awareness surrounding current online side hustle opportunities and the steps each of us can take in our individual capacity to make a lasting difference in our financial life.

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