The Best Apps That Pay You To Walk (23+ Best App In 2021)

Apps that pay you to walk
Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by Imad

Get Paid to Walk

Do you know that there are different apps that pay you to walk?

Modern life can feel like a rat race, and there’s a reason for that; staying happy and healthy while maintaining your finances can be a neverending struggle.

Walking for even just slightly longer than you normally would each day does wonders for your health–not to mention your happiness–and being outside has added benefits in and of itself. But a hectic work and personal schedule can make it difficult to justify taking time out of your day just to walk.

What if there was a way to kill two birds with one stone? What if you could increase your step count and make extra money at the same time? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do by using the apps listed below.

In some cases, there are extra incentives involved as well, like spending time with furry friends.

Without further ado, here are the apps that will jumpstart your journey to fitness and financial security:

What Is the best app to get paid for walking:

Depending on the incentives you are interested in, you can choose one of the 23+ apps and programs that pay you to walk:


Sweatcoin review

The days of the hand-held pedometer are gone. Now, not only can you use your phone to keep track of your step count, but you can earn money while doing it!

Sweatcoin promises that its users will become part of a “movement economy.”

This tantalizing possibility means that you’ll be able to earn a Sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you take, which you can then convert into real-world products and services.

That might sound like a lot of steps for one coin, but if you’ve ever counted your steps before, you’ll know that you can rack up 1,000 in no time (about 10 minutes, to be precise). Plus, just think about it; you walk for free every day!

The condition for using this app is that you have to keep your GPS turned on. Walks on the treadmill and indoors are not considered. Only outdoor steps will be considered as steps.


Carrot app review

CARROT is another popular app that provides financial incentives for walking. Their reward structure is a bit different, however. You’ll earn one Reward Point for each step you take, rather than one for every 1,000 steps.

Like Sweatcoins, you can exchange Reward Points for in-app specials. You can also use them at CARROT-registered businesses.

By using this app, you earn virtual coins that you can then use to play games and purchase gift cards. 

Carrot app even helps you find great deals nearby!


Earthmiles review

Earthmiles is a UK startup that promises to reward you for keeping fit. Their app syncs with other fitness apps or fitness tracker like RunKeeper, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Strava, Garmin, Fitbit and Nike+ as well as the Apple Health app that comes pre-installed on all iPhones.

Earthmiles tracks not only your walking steps but also your cycling miles. With Earthmiles on your phone, you’ll have no excuse not to stay in shape!


Lifecoin review

LifeCoin hands out coins just for living. By living we mean walking, of course, but almost every able-bodied person walks at least a little in their daily life, right?

This app is another one that rewards you in coins–they call them “life coins”–for every verified step. Once you earn enough life coins, you can redeem them for gift cards and other enticing rewards.


Stepbet review

How many steps do you bet you can take in a day?

StepBet doles out personalized walking goals to users based on their historic activity levels. You then can bet money on yourself each week and participate in health-related games that encourage you to walk or run to meet your step goal. 

If you’re a competitive person, then this might just be the most surefire way to get you up and moving more than ever before. Even if you’re normally a bit more laid back, the app is a great way to improve your fitness level. Just look to the 4.8-star rating in the App Store for verification of the app’s popularity. 


Fitpotato review

This amusingly named app guarantees that it can make fitness fun again.

This is one of the more social apps listed; you can use it to challenge your friends and acquaintances to get fit together by completing all your exercise activities and competing for a weekly prize.

If you are the only member of your friend group to complete all the sessions, then you win the entire prize. How’s that for motivation? 


Lympo review

If you like games, then Lympo is for you. The app allows you to gamify your everyday walking routine. What this means is that every time you complete a daily task, no matter how small, you earn LYM coins, which you can then exchange for offers in the app or for discount coupons to your favorite stores. 


Achievement review

Not only does Achievement give you payouts for health actions you take, but you also get to take part in cutting edge research while you’re getting paid.With over a million active users and counting, the app is tried and tested. What’s more, over $7,000,000 has already been paid out. 

Charity Miles

Charitymiles review

This is the perfect app for the more altruistic among us. If you’re more motivated by doing good for others than by doing good for yourself, then Charity Miles will provide you with the perfect opportunity to exercise for a cause.

Here’s how it works: first, you pick a charity. From then on, Charity Miles sponsors will make a donation to your chosen charity every time you walk, run, or bike. It’s as simple as that!

This way, you can feel virtuous not only for getting out and exercising but also for donating money to a good cause while doing it. And you don’t even need to dig into your own pockets to make the donation! Instead, it’s your sweat that does the job. It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that. 

PK Rewards

Pk Rewards review

Not only does PK Rewards offer users personalized insight into every workout, but the app allows you to earn prizes along the way.You can get daily bonuses and rewards just by working out.

The rewards include gift cards, clothing items, and even trips!

The app also includes Apple Health integration, meaning it will save your workout data to Apple Watch without you having to lift a finger.

MyWalgreens – Walgreens Balance rewards

Mywalgreens review

The well-known global pharmacy chain Walgreens has an app formerly known as Walgreens Balance Rewards, which recently changed its name to myWalgreens. Using the app, you can earn Walgreens extra Cash bonuses for reaching your stated health goals.

The app will also keep you abreast of health-related news and serves as a way to save on products at your local pharmacy.You also earn points for tracking your weight, blood pressure, and glucose, sleep, and oximeter readings with other health apps like MyfitnessPal or Google fit.

Fit For Bucks

Fitforbucks review

It’s as simple as it sounds. Fit For Bucks serves as a liaison between local businesses and residents who are interested in improving their fitness levels. Through the Fit For Bucks platform, these local businesses will reward you just for achieving your everyday fitness goals.

The app also connects you to online vendors who will offer rewards for verified steps you’ve taken.


Higi review

Higi is a well-established company–they have a Wikipedia page and everything–which brands itself as a consumer health engagement platform.

Their tagline is “healthcare better connected.” They provide access to a nationwide network that comprises 10,000 FDA-certified Smart Health Stations. If you join up, you can use any one of these Smart Health Stations any time; they are all self-service. 

Over 100,000 people are already benefiting from the service, and you could be next!


MapMyFitness review

This well-known fitness app is a tried and true way to improve and track your activity level. Using the app, you can look back over your workout route after each walk (or run).

Better yet, you can observe your progress over time and compare the distance and speed of each day’s walk to your previous walks’ duration and pace.


This social fitness app is free and easy to use. Through its stylish platform, you can give and receive money for meeting your fitness goals or your step goal and helping your friends meet theirs.

It is FitFetti’s mission to help prevent more than 20 major types of diseases and to make wellness and disease management more accessible for everyone.


WinWalk review

Like plenty of apps on this list, Winwalk promises to count your outdoor steps and to reward you with egift cards. One thing Winwalk boasts that some of the other apps don’t is the famous names behind the egifts cards on offer. These include Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Sephora, Nike, Google Play, ebay, Domino’s and AMC.

There’s sure to be something of interest to you in that list, so go ahead and install the app today!


Yodo is a free new app that pays you to reach your exercise Goals. Whether you choose to walk or to run, you can cash in the steps you accumulate after every workout. That’s right! You can withdraw unlimited cash from the app as long as you put in the steps to attain it. 

Yodo also allows you to record the GPS positioning of your exercise route, so you can see your mileage, time, pace, trajectory and calories burned at the end–or even in the middle–of your session. In short, if you want to quantify your health achievements and earn extra cash in the process, Yodo is the way to go.


Rover is a popular dog walking app available in cities all over the world. The app connects dog walkers, boarders, house sitters and doggy daycare providers with dog owners. If you’re a fan of man’s best friends and want to increase your daily step count, this is a great way to stay fit, earn extra money, and spend time with furry friends, all at the same time! 

Better yet, Rover can be quite lucrative; the average part-time salary is reported to be around $1,000 per month. That’s a good chunk of change, especially for a job that’s so much fun to do.


Wag! review

Like Rover, Wag! is a dog walking app that allows you to connect with clients with dogs who need to be walked. Wag! takes a higher commission percentage than Rover–40% as compared to 20%–but Wag! has its pros as well.

For one thing, Wag! tends to pay more upfront, so the two apps end up being about the same in terms of financial return. Also, Wag! works like UBER, meaning you’ll get notifications about nearby dog owners who are requesting walks, and the person who responds first gets the walk.

In this way, Wag! is simpler and more efficient than Rover, especially if you’re looking to take a quick dog walk on the spot as a break from whatever you’re doing.


Per its name, GigWalk gives users easy access to the gig economy. Gigwalk allows you to supplement your paycheck with easy one-time jobs.

The gigs can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several hours, so you can choose whatever suits your schedule best. While the gigs themselves might not involve walking, you can certainly find ones in your local area to walk to, knowing that there’s money to be found at the end of your trek.


Runtopia runs on Sports Coins, using these rewards to motivate you to get out and run. You may exchange your accumulated Sports Coins for fantastic prizes like Paypal cash rewards as well as gift cards and fitness gear among other things.

Runtopia boasts 4.7 stars in the App Store, so rest assured that it is user-approved. 


Now that you know about all the great options for walking apps that are out there, you have no excuse not to monetize your next walk and/or up your daily step count. In fact, we bet you’re probably rearing to get out there and earn some cash just for moving your legs a bit. Who knew walking could be so fun and so lucrative at the same time?

Feel free to comment your thoughts down below! We’d love to hear what you think. Do you use any of these apps already? What has your experience been like? Is there anything we missed?

Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

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