21+ best business ideas for women

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In this article, you will discover more than 20 business ideas for women. more will be added over time.

Gone are the days when society placed too many restrictions on women.

There are a whole lot of policies and laid out governance that has allowed women to venture into any field of interest.

And ever since then, most women have taken the entrepreneurship path.

They do so to establish their businesses and put their ideas out in the world.

It is a significant step to decide to start your business as a woman, to be a boss all by yourself, to do things your own way, and to offer value to the world around you.

But in an economic world full of different ideas, opportunities need to be met.

It can be difficult for most women who want to start their businesses to choose and decide on which activity they want to venture into.

Before continuing to our list of ideas for a business, there are specific criteria and questions that you need to ask yourself to ascertain what kind of business is best fit for you.

You can start by knowing:

  • What are you passionate about?

Doing what you love maximizes the chance of succeeding much in business.

  • What are your skills and weaknesses?

This almost the same with finding your passions. This time, you need to know what your weaknesses and strengths are as they will determine your problem-solving skills for business.

  • Are you willing to invest enough time?

This entails your willingness to commit to both learning and being able to carry on with the vital processes for the continuation of the business.

Here are more than 20 small business ideas for women:

Clothing business

Women are good with fashion and have a good drive with clothing and its trends.

In fact, with little and minimal investment, most women can start clothing businesses from home.

Thanks to the internet, you can get access to online resources that can help you create your fashion brand in your own sense.

Even if you don’t want to create your own brand, you could go into the importation of popular brands or try the dropshipping business model.

With little social media presence, you can start selling to neighbors using your home as a mini-warehouse till you build more customers to move on to rented spaces.

Food services

People are always going to eat, and it is not out of place if you decided to cook food for monetary benefits.

Foodservice business requires low investment and can start at any level, stage, or size you want to.

It even makes more sense if you love cooking.

You can take short term update courses on some meals to add to your cooking skills, practice by making dishes for friends and family.

Then move further to start creating the demanded dishes in your locality.

People have become busier with their lives, schedule, and works that they may not have time to cook their meals.

Some people may not even have time to step out and grab a bite.

This is why the food industry keeps growing. You can decide to do delivery services as well.

Create a sumptuous and irresistible menu and maybe offer free delivery services around your vicinity to get more customers (people love free things).

Make sure that your meals are healthy and nutritious. Also, have a special menu for children, they can be the bulk of your customers.


Do you have a great flair for capturing moments and beautiful sites?

The first step to photography is getting your camera.

It makes it easier and better for faster learning and practice.

Everything requires learning, so you may need to enroll with successful photographers to gather experience on whatever niche you want.

The truth is, there are many opportunities for photographers out there; you don’t know where it may lead you to.

The best part is that you have nothing to lose.

You can start by building a portfolio for your photography business, take pictures of beautiful sites you love.

It can be a location, nature, the sky. It can also be modeling photos shot at fascinating angles.

Then move further to putting out your pictures in public through social media platforms and other platforms such as pixels, stock photos, and who knows, you may be meeting life-changing opportunities to expand your horizon.

Interior design

interior design business

If creativity is what you’ve got to offer, then this is a business for you.

It entails decorating rooms, event places, conference halls, restaurants, and any other place related to the interior of homes.

Most of the time, interior design entails the perfect blend of fabrics, furniture, lighting to match the architecture and the needs of the client.

If you build your portfolio, you can grow this business such that you will have an office where you can talk to your clients and show them some of your past designs.

Wedding planning

If you have what it takes to handle logistics and give couples who are confused or disoriented about their wedding a long-lasting memory of matrimony, then you should consider making it a business.

This particular kind of work requires some level of experience and resourcefulness.

Work with a renowned event planner at the beginning.

Bring your imagination to plan a fantastic event. Always Consider your clients’ needs.

When you work and get a few people to witness your prodigy in planning, it would be reasonable to get more and more jobs from word of mouth or testimonials and also by proper digital advertisement.


Be it writing, giving lessons, digital marketing, content creation, graphics design, web design, and a whole lot of activities on this inexhaustible list.

You can make cool money and build a reputable business by offering your services right from the comfort of your home.

The goal here is not just to make money, but to build a good portfolio in your areas of interest.

This includes joining freelance websites (we recommend Fiverr) to do jobs, then moving on as well to bid to higher and bigger companies who are willing to pay more for your services.


This is one business that requires a lot of devotion and learning of skills of web design, content creation, and other required skills. But, you can make really good money blogging.

We already prepared a step-by-step guide on how to create a successful blog. check it out!

Starting a blog is like having a page where you talk about important stuff and offer value to your readers.

It should be consistent and should engage your readers into reading and anticipating your next post.

If you are going to start blogging, you should blog about something you will not get tired of talking about.  

This way, it is easier to find topics related to your niche and as well reach out to your readers at the point of their needs.

Hair Stylist

Women, as well as men, always love taking care of their hair and would stick to whoever makes them feel great in looks and hairstyling.

Do you think you have what it takes? Sure, you do.

One good way to do this after you have purchased the necessary equipment is to offer your friends and family a cute hair-do.

Someone could ask where they made their hair, and when that happens, you will be building many clients who will expand your business in the future.

However, if you already have what it takes to open a salon, then go for it, make sure it is in the right location. Offer some freebies and promos and get the business kicking.


confectionnary business at home

People love to eat great cakes, ice-cream, candies, and chocolates.

You can bake cakes and other commodities related to this business on special occasions like; weddings, Halloween, etc.

Make sure to get a decent photo and page where you can keep people engaged about what next you are up to.

If you offer quality, you sure will make some cool cash all year round.

Voice Over Artist

If you have a sonorous voice and pride yourself in good charisma when it comes to speaking, then you should try opportunities with putting that voice into use.

A voice-over artist lends their voice to artistic works and other content that needs vocals.

This includes audiobooks, radio jingles, podcasts, etc.

Working as a voice-over artist lets you work at home, which means you can be working with other organization or office places.

Day Care

If you’ve got space, can take care of kids (an innate skill of every woman), and a little cash at hand, then you should try this out, especially in a neighborhood where there are so many kids with working-class parents.

The responsibility of the work becomes your daily chore, but if handling crying babies, changing diapers, and separating fights is not your thing, it is better not to attempt at all.


yoga tutoring business

People need to align the physical health with the infinite power of the mind, and the soul has announced many proven benefits.

If you already know how to do Yoga, there is nothing wrong with getting a teaching course to become certified, then with limited resources, rent a room, or use your home if there is enough space.

When you start, you will not only receive payment from your students, but also from some sponsors in the health sector who uphold health through the wholesome practice of Yoga.

Rental properties

This is also another lucrative form of passive income and covers a vast niche in terms of property types.

People need to rent many items,

either because they are too costly for them or because they don’t see the use of that item or property after a while.

 This is where you come in.

It is best to choose a niche or a particular set of related properties to own and lend out.

You may need a directory to help keep track of properties that you have rented and when they will be available.

Laundry Services

Most people feel that laundry services are a small scale business, but the truth of the matter is that no business is particularly tiny.

Laundry is one of those businesses that you can start with minimal capital and make significant gains.

The hardest part comes from the first purchase of equipment and machinery because they make the work easier and faster.  

It is left for you to widen your horizon, look out to big hotels, restaurants, and companies offer professional laundering services for them, and watch your business grow and bloom in all ramifications.

Fitness Center or Gym

Fitness is not just a business attributed to men alone.

Yes, it may require a high amount of capital to start well, but look at it as a long-lasting investment because you may not need to bother about buying those in the future.

Also, gyming equipment and machinery do not require much maintenance, so you are sure that there won’t be much capital allocated to their maintenance.

Apart from earning from membership fees, you can also set up necessities for bodybuilders such as supplements, juice bars, tanning salons, and venture into personal training.  

Just as said earlier, it depends on your level of commitment and the amount of time you are willing to give in to work.


Florist business idea

Caring for nature gives an inner feeling of gratitude and a satisfactory feeling.

While enjoying this peace from nature, you can also gain monetary benefits.

You can reach out to raise rare beautiful flowers if you have got the skills and what it takes.

The fact is that many people buy flowers every day while others need some species for their offices, homes, and place of work.

Fashion Designing

This is one business that has evolved; if you are well experienced with a good portfolio in fashion, you can either branch out to start your business or start a fashion design school to inspire other prospecting fashion designers.

This way, you don’t just make money from teaching people how to design; you can as well earn from selling the designs that your student produces.


Over the years, you may have gathered insights, experience, knowledge, skills that are vital and in demand.

Every skill is in demand!

You can offer professional consultation to upcoming professionals, companies, salespersons, and individuals with a price for it.

Online tutoring

One of the best ways of learning as well as practicing is by teaching other people.

It is a passive income you can make money from.

You need to teach a topic where you have versed knowledge and also target the needs of other people who you will be teaching.

Apply to join platforms like Udemy and post a tutorial that will bring earnings for a long time.

Affiliate Marketing

The whole gist of affiliate marketing is in the marketing of other products.

You may not have the means to produce or introduce your products to the market.

But you may have a flare and love for a particular product, you know much about it, you know its benefits, uses and how to harness its importance.

Affiliate marketing helps you to market and promote the goods and services of other people to make sales for commission.

Social media influencer

This is for the woman who has a large fan base on any of her social media platforms.

You can earn much cool cash by just posting pictures of products or by only talking about services.

This is also another form of affiliate marketing; people who buy from the links you use on your social media page can earn you a substantial amount of money.

What Do You Think?

Now I’d like to turn things over to you:

Which business idea from this list was your favorite?

Or maybe you have an idea that I didn’t cover here.

Either way, let me know and leave a comment below.

Last Updated on March 04, 2020 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

Imad Aharchaou

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