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difficult boss
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In a perfect world, the entire management chain is encouraging and motivating, and even tolerate mistakes. In reality, having to put up with an ungrateful or even downright hostile hierarchy is more common than you might think.

There are several strategies that can help you live your daily professional life better, whether your boss or manager is difficult, prone to mood swings, or has an irrepressible need for control.

The next steps will teach how to deal with a difficult boss

How to deal with a difficult boss

1. Identify the friction points in the relationship with your boss

You need to adapt your reactions in order to skillfully get out of the potentially tough situations. First of all, ask yourself the following question: What are the points that bother you in your boss’s way of managing or behavior?

– My boss has a tendency to go off at the drop of a hat

When they are having a bad day, everyone benefits… Even if it’s easier said than done, with an angry boss, it’s vital not to take their yelling personally and, above all, you must avoid raising your voice at all costs. Sending them back an image of serenity and rationality is the most effective way to bring them down quickly.

– My boss is unreliable

Their weather vane side is difficult to manage on a daily basis. You can’t trust them, so take the information they give you with a grain of salt. Ask for written confirmations to keep track of what they are telling you and, above all, don’t put them on the spot in front of other employees.

– I have a condescending boss

Condescending boss

Even though criticism can be constructive, it must be done in an artful manner.

For example, it is unthinkable for your boss to say it in front of your teams. If this happens, stay calm and don’t get into the justification. On the contrary, accept their criticism and let them know that you would cherish developing this subject at a more appropriate time.

Once you are face-to-face, tell him or her that you are happy to accept constructive criticism, but that it is crucial to choose the right time to express it.

– My boss wants to control everything

You feel them constantly over your shoulder, they are unable to let you move forward on a mission without being in micromanagement. Take the opposite tack by giving them regular updates on your progress, so that they are always aware of your progress before they even think of putting their nose in your work. If this seems time-consuming, the peace of mind you have to gain from it is worth it.

2. Establish a long-term strategy to manage your boss’s crises

This strategy is based on the next 7 points:

– Be understanding

when the atmosphere is tense, the situation can quickly escalate. Try to go against this toxic climate and, on the contrary, show kindness and listen. A difficult boss may simply be too stressed, and by being open you may be able to appease your relationships.

– Do you adapt to their imperfections?

Do you know that your boss is uncompromising on cleanliness or punctuality? Take it upon yourself and bend over to the things that are really major to them. Choose your battles, some of them not worth fighting. This will naturally eliminate some potential sources of conflict.

– Detach yourself emotionally

Easier said than done, but it is essential not to take your behavior personally. They probably behave in the same way with all their other colleagues. This does not excuse them in any way, but it may allow you to let go.

– What could you do differently to ease the tension?

Have you some areas for improvement? When you are dealing by yourself with a difficult circumstance—as well as having your boss drives you mad is certainly one of those—it typically seems that you have just black and white options such as to knuckle under, or storm out. Nevertheless, there are some extra creative options.
As an example, have you thought about converting your present work right into part-time work? Or dropping specific responsibilities, as well as taking on new ones? Or moving roles within your present organization? Or coming to be an expert, rather than a simple worker?
Think about that and try to begin a different conversation with your boss, which will certainly produce some new options for you, as well as them.

– Choose the right time

You may feel that your boss never has time for you, to listen to you and understand you. Be aware that their schedule is timed, so don’t take it personally. The key to having a good conversation is to find the right time and not to enter their office unannounced.

– Open the dialogue

your manager must also understand that your relationships are complicated. Suggest a point to talk about it openly and clarify the situation. Prepare your arguments and don’t be in the attack. Show that you are committed to calming the situation.

– Be patient

As Bill Gates said : Patience is a key element of success!

There also some things that you should avoid:


Give yourself a night to think about it and come up with a plan. Also ask your colleagues, spouse, and friends for their opinions.
While it can be irresistible to march right into your boss’s workplace and tell them where to stick their job, it may not always be a good thing to do, especially if it is just your boss’s present-day way of behaving that is driving you crazy. He/she might be a tough employer yet this isn’t always the very best course of action.

Attacking or beating up your boss

Be certain to speak in the first person, describe your state of mind and your view of things and avoid blaming. If you have something to say, retell it several times beforehand, to make assured that you are not unprofessional. Of course, at Position Ignition, we are against all kinds of violence. If things do not improve and the situation becomes unbearable, you always have the option of putting your skills to work for another company.

Additional Thoughts

My boss is driving me crazy! Is it time for me to move? In the following paragraphs, we will help you with your reasoning in this scenario:

What do you take pleasure in regarding your job, and what don’t you?

While your manager is the most important individual in your work life, there’s far more to your work than that connection. We encourage you to analyze your present job life. How long have you been doing your job, is it still adequately challenging, yet too much so? How is your work/life equilibrium, the commute, you’re fit with your firm’s values? How much time has your manager been driving you crazy? Are they truly a difficult boss? Is this a result of the stress they are under, or is it something concerning them?

This examination will provide you viewpoint on your circumstance. For instance, if you like everything concerning your job, except your manager’s present behavior—which is not just how they were in the past—you are in a radically different from a person whose audit discloses they do not like the orientation their organization is going in.

What have you said to your boss concerning the situation?

We highly encourage you to start and develop a discussion with your manager about their expectations from you, and ways in which you can comfort them better. These discussions usually reveal that something minor you are doing or not doing is the matter for them, and a small modification will resolve the problem.

Last Updated on December 23, 2019 by Imad
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