10+ best places to sell used DVDs and CDs for cash (online and near me)

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Where Can You Try Selling Used DVDs, whether online or in-person?

Renting or buying and watching DVDs at home is much cheaper when compared to going to the movie theaters and one can also enjoy the show from the comforts and ambiance of one’s own home. Eventually, however, with more and more DVDs being bought, the older ones are nothing more than junk.

Here are some places where you can sell your old or used DVDs:

Quick Sale Websites

The recent years have witnessed the growth of many online platforms where you can sell used electronics and media items as quickly as possible. You can try selling DVDs of old movies, video games, or shows in bulk. 

Unlike other places like Amazon Trade-In or Best Buy Trade-In, you can get all your DVDs accepted and none rejected. As much as a quarter of your items can be rejected in the latter platforms, although these also are worth shipping old DVDs to. At Amazon Trade-In where you can get instant credit for all the electronics and media items that you have. At Best Buy Trade-In, you can get quotes very easily. It is, however, much easier to sell on the following websites.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr review

Decluttr is one of the best options if you want to sell and buy tech items.

Their high quality is the free shipping, the speed of next-day payments, and the fact that they pay the most for tech items.

They buy not only your used DVDs, but also Blu-Ray movies as well as tablets, cell phones, video game consoles and even textbooks.

The selling process is very easy on this site and can be summarized in 3S: Scan it, send it, Spend it.

Estimate how much you would earn by typing in the barcode of the DVDs you want to sell on their site or their mobile application. 

It’s easier with their free app because you have just to scan the barcode of the DVD to start selling it. Moreover, the application is Compatible with Android and IOS 

as you can see in the image, you can get paid by check, PayPal, or direct deposit into your account!

2. Selldvdsonline.com

Your second option for selling your old DVD is Sell DVDs Online(as you can notice from the website’s name).

on their homepage, they claim that, with them, you will get the best possible price. You can compare their offer with other websites on this list.

They buy used CDs, DVDs, blu-Rays, games and consoles. You have just to enter the UPC barcode into the website box to receive an instant quote. However, as you may guess, they require that the items are in a good condition and neither the disc not the case can have scratches, missing pieces or chips.

Like Decluttr, they offer free shipping label and they initiate payment within three days of your package reception.

While this website doesn’t offer an app with a barcode scanner, they still are one of the best places to sell your used blu-ray DVDs

SellDVDsonline doesn’t accept brand new DVDs (that are still in their original packaging) to avoid buying stolen items.

3. Eagle Saver

EagleSaver is another great website to get cash for your used stuff.

besides CDs, DVDs, game consoles, they also buy your used books. 

It’s one of the well-reviewed websites on Trustpilot with over than 4.6/5. Of course, Shipping is free and once your package arrives, you will benefit from next-day fast payment via Paypal or paper check. 

One more good thing with Eaglesaver.com is that they offer free return shipping if they decide not to buy your DVDs (if not in a good shape and don’t meet their quality standards).

4. Bonavendi

another concept that will help you is this price comparison website. Indeed, Bonavendi provides price comparison for used items from 30 different buyback vendors. This price search engine allows you to save valuable time by capturing a better deal for your collection.

All you have to do is to enter or scan each barcode with their free mobile app. After getting the instant price quote for each single DVD, you choose the vendor (each vendor will pay according to their policy once the movies arrive).

Online Marketplaces

If you are ready to waste some time to get the maximum value for your used DVDs, online marketplaces can be a good option to try. 


This the first place where you will list your more valuable, scarce DVDs, especially if you think people would compete to get them.

With eBay, you can create transactions in any way that you like. You can try Fixed Price or Auction Price, add photos, a good description, and add shipment amount.

Indeed, eBay bidding system is a great way to drive up the price.

Although you need to put in much effort for the sales process, the work is worth it when you get top-dollar for your used DVDs that were nothing more than junk in your home. However, one must consider that eBay will take a 10% cut of the highest bidder offer.

Another of eBay’s advantages is that it’s one of the only platforms where you can sell everything. Yes, everything! (even your old VHS tapes)!

6. Amazon

Then there is Amazon, where you can sell your old DVDs off at the ‘used’ platform for reasonable prices. 

But you need some time and research to start the sales, and some time is lost in the verification of charge card, banking account etc.

 Also, you have to ship, package, and email every old DVD that you offer on sale.

7. Facebook Marketplace

One way to get rid of your old CDs is to sell them locally on the Facebook Marketplace or the various local Facebook buy and sell groups.

Of course, you have to start with a competitive search before setting a price.

Often, in a few days, you will be able to find a buyer for your collection. 


It is a good idea to try classified sites, where you do not have to pay any fees or commissions.

8. Craigslist (US) / Kijiji (Canada)

This is a free service that can help you meet with a buyer in your local area. 

You need to confirm the location and payment details with the potential buyer. It’s a unique classified platform that might be lacking in lots of features but gets the job done for you easily. You can get lots of strangers calling you up or coming to your home to check out the DVDs that you have in store, and buy from you instantly.

Other ways and alternatives to sell your DVDs

9. Local Pawn Shops

An other way to sell locally is to visit the resellers and the pawn shop in your area.

They will quickly assess your lot and offer you a price. If your accept their offer, you will get paid by as much cash as you agreed to.

Simple price research online can help you negotiate the best price.

10. Have a Yard Sale (Garage Sale)

With this option, you can sell your stuff without leaving your house.

There are some local yard sale apps that can get you the customers you need only by entering your Zip Code. Customers may have some specific questions about your items.

By setting reasonable prices you will be more likely to sell your collection. payment method is cash in general with this option.

Who buys used DVDs?

It’s true that the market for selling CDs and DVDs has fallen with the evolution of technology and the appearance of platforms such as Netflix and Spotify. However, rest assured, you can still make some extra money selling your CDs and DVDs either online or physically.

For example, many people still use DVD players to allow their children to watch cartoons while traveling by car (this is just one example).

Otherwise, as you will discover in this article, there are several websites that will allow you to sell your DVDs for the best price, blu-rays, or CDs.

How much can you sell used DVDs for?

An analysis of the prices of DVDs offered for sale into the different websites ranked in the search engine shows that most sellers put prices between $1 and $20 per DVD. 

It’s true that if your DVD collection is scarce, you can make more money.  However, consider that some sellers are just happy with a 25 or 50 cents cash flow after fees because they are liquidating their own rental stock.

So with a little research, you can set a price for your DVD and prepare a good selling argument or an average purchase price for a title you are seeking.

Things To Consider Before Selling Used DVDs

Some of the resellers who spend time on ultra-low listings also spend a lot of time bringing the customer they take on eBay on their own retail sites. 

Some are just happy with a few dollars after fees because they are liquidating their own rental inventory. There are hundreds of rental companies with 50 to 500 stores that have little exposure because they rent from convenience stores, grocery stores, etc.) Of course, some of the larger retailers have lower shipping charges, which does help, but it also means they have high overall costs with an organization that requires them to ship thousands of items a day just to cover facility costs.

All of this adds to the difficulty of selling films and making money. As a small reseller, you need to develop the skills to find the hardest to find DVD that sells for a lot more money. 

And remember that just because the list price is high doesn’t mean there are actually buyers for the item in question.

Also, Avoid disappointment when selling used DVDs by having realistic expectations. You are unlikely to make a fortune by selling them. Also, you have to be clever and be cautious, or you could fall victim to a scam.


This post should help sell your old used DVDs in the most efficient way.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Did I miss something?

If so, what is it?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Last Updated on July 06, 2020 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

Imad Aharchaou

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