How to make money as a kid

make money as a kid
Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by Imad

Today I came up with different ideas about how to make money as a kid.

Whether you are a kid or a parent who wants to teach their kids how they can earn and save money, this post will be of much help.

make money as a kid

The years as a kid of almost any person tend to reflect a lot in their future proceedings, and if those years are spent focused and intelligently, it may very well be able to help in becoming successful.

Most kids tend to spend their years not worried about their future but engrossed in social media and video games while some use these as an opportunity to get a head start in their adult lives.

There are plenty of ways to earn and save money as a kid, and while it may be a bit difficult to make as a kid, determination, and persistence along with the ways to maintain and balance a healthy income with the ways described below could work wonders.

How to earn money as a kid?

I’ve put together over 10 ideas for making money as a teen or a kid

1) A sustainable long-term money-maker as a kid can be starting a website.

Many stories are told and heard about some kids who start an online business in their early years.

By the time they graduate high school, the income accruing from their website is more than enough

They won’t need to work a job.

That sounds like a dream come true to most people.

2) Becoming a Youtuber

Creating a youtube channel is up next,

thousands of kids make significant money on Youtube.

Indeed according to Forbes, in their report about the highest-paid  Youtube stars of 2019 they said that the kids were killing it.

They do all sorts of product reviews, challenges, online gaming, and vlogging to stay “trending” and noteworthy.

It can be much initial work at the beginning, but once you get a healthy following, you can make it a full-time career.

Several examples can be given out to show that youtube has helped plenty of kids to reach the fame and lifestyle they would otherwise most certainly not have achieved at such early ages with a traditional job approach.

Ex: Pewdiepie, Ryan ToysReview.

3) Building an audience and affiliate marketing

Social media platforms have followers and subscribers.

The larger the following you have, the better, so start proactively learning how to grow it.

Afterward, making money by selling other people’s products through affiliates to your followers can be done quickly.

The best part of it is, companies paying to promote their brand if you have a lot of followers/subscribers as it reaches a broad audience that way in one go.

4) Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing should be an extremely appealing way to earn money.

As it not much except coming up with a fresh new idea then making a prototype to satisfy potential investors to secure funds.

Afterward, the product is marketed and promoted to turn it into a success.

Platforms such as Kickstarter are ideal places to get started.

Crowdsourcing can be used for almost anything, which makes it even more attractive than the rest for some.

5) How to Make Money As a Kid Selling photos

It is no secret that anyone can sell their captured photos online.

The number of photos and video footage taken by smartphones give us a brief idea of the potential of income here.

Although kids may not be able to compete with staggering performances by professionals due to lack of inventory and experience, It can be proven to show how easy it captures excellent footage with the least hassle possible.

Several online marketplaces let upload and sell your photos and video footage — Istockphoto, Eyeem, etc.

6) Freelancing

Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer are online marketplaces where several products and services are bought and sold.

It has been seen many times that some work can be done for a sum as small as $5.

Many youngsters jump on this bandwagon to capitalize on the opportunity to do boring and some time- consuming tasks adults have to do to earn some extra cash.

7) Money-Making Apps


If you are 13+ years old, Swagbucks is an excellent opportunity to make money online.

Indeed, you can watch videos, take surveys, or search for stuff online.

8) Take paid surveys online

In the same range of earning ways, You can make money as a kid by sharing your opinion to help brands deliver better services and products.

You can get paid by cash or gift cards. I recommend signing up for Survey Junkie. It’s one of the best survey websites to make money with.

9) Invest in stocks

If your parents want to help you set it up, you can invest in stocks and mutual funds as a kid.

There is an excellent app to start with; it’s called Stash.

Spaceship is a good platform as well when you want to invest in stocks You must be 18 or older to start investing, but that’s where you need your parent’s help.

10) Make a course

That could sound weird to you. But everyone is an expert at something.

Yes, even a kid.

You can brainstorm ideas and skills. Choose one thing that you master and make a course about it and sell. The best platform to do this is Udemy.

Other traditional ways to make money as a kid

While the ways mentioned above present online opportunities, if they don’t suit some, they can always stick to more traditional means.

Here are some examples:

  • house sitting
  • window washing,
  • various types of Cleaning
  • mowing lawns
  • babysitting
  • pet sitting.

How to save money as a kid?

While these methods show you how to make money as a kid, it’s better to shed light on some ways kids can save up this income as well.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to ask a parent or an adult to open a bank account and deposit the money there.

Purchasing money-making items like a wire stripper, button maker, or even a vending machine could do marvels to counter any expenses as there aren’t many during this period considering the fact most kids live with their parents or guardians, and essentials such as lodging, food, and medical expenses are covered.

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Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

Imad Aharchaou

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