The 23+ Most Promising Jobs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, you can learn from various jobs that can benefit you when you open up your own business. Even if you want to set up an online business or a venture that goes off the beaten track, some experience in a professional environment can work wonders for you in proper management, networking, cost-monitoring, people skills, and more.

What Jobs Are Good For Entrepreneurs ?

The answer of this question is quite simple:

The best jobs you must look for as an entrepreneur are the jobs that will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and that will help you to run your business. Especially, you must try jobs with roles where entrepreneurship is the researched quality.

jobs for aspiring entrepreneurs

Here are some of the most promising jobs that you may choose from as a wannabe entrepreneur based on your flexibility, finances, skills, and experience levels:

Product Manager

As a Product Manager, you need to monitor each aspect of a specific project in an organization. You will be in charge of taking a particular initiative through all stages, from the phase of commencement to completion.

This will give you valuable insight into the way an idea is born from the scene of conception to the period of actualization.

In case you have robust communication abilities and are detail-oriented as an individual, such a career can be a suitable platform for you to launch your venture.

Public Relations Specialist

You have to work to establish a sound public image of a company or business as a Public relations specialist.

You need to create useful advertising programs, write the best speeches, and have excellent press releases.

Working as a PR specialist can significantly benefit you as an entrepreneur, as you can understand how to make your venture attractive to the public.

You should have a bachelor’s degree to become a Public Relations Specialist.

Sales Manager

You can learn a lot as a sales manager, as you develop new and better plans to get more customers, evaluate data for profits and sales, handle the complaints and queries of customers and arrange business budgets.

It can provide you with a first-hand understanding of the fundamentals of management.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree, as well as some prior experience in sales (e.g., business owners), work to become a Sales Manager.

Customer Service Representative

As an entrepreneur, you can get useful information when you work as a customer service representative.

It is possible to know how to effectively work with customers, and get an idea of what employees would have to deal with in the future.

Customer service representatives inform customers about various services and products, bill customers, take orders, and deal with customer issues.

You require a high school diploma and have to complete training on-the-job to become a Customer Service Representative.

Marketing Manager

You have to determine the demand for a service/product based on sales data.

Marketing managers assist various businesses in making an optimum amount of profits.

With this experience, you can find out how better to market your products and evaluate data and improve benefits for your own business.

It is crucial to possess a bachelor’s degree to be a Marketing Manager.

Personal Financial Adviser

You need to help others with proper information about financial decisions in matters such as retirement, taxes, and investments.

You have to assist clients in attaining their business objectives and review accounts as well as make the necessary changes. Some work as a financial adviser can come in handy for you in handling the finances of your business.

Generally, you need just a bachelor’s degree to be a Personal financial adviser.

Retail Salesperson

As a Retail Salesperson, you have to help clients get the products they are in search of.

You also have to offer useful information about various merchandise that they want to know about. You must also be responsible for collecting payments for the products.

Although it is an entry-level position only and a formal degree is not necessary, entrepreneurs can find it useful when they work in this profession. Such types of jobs can give you the preparation and knowledge of how to handle various types of clients in the future.

You can also get an idea of what you should expect from sales employees when you open up your own successful business.

Portfolio Manager

You have to work on a one-to-one basis with individuals, or even with whole businesses for management of their assets and investments.

As a portfolio manager for individual customers, you are expected to satisfy the long-term financial objectives of clients.

When you serve businesses, you have to search for investments that recapitalize revenue –to ensure capital building and reduce tax burdens.

Human Resources Manager

When you work as a Human Resources Manager, you should be responsible for hiring, training, compensating, and retention of human talent. You need to make strategic plans to boost organizational efficiency and productivity.

You are supposed to attract the best skills to an organization, instruct and inspire them and boost employee morale to ensure high productivity.


The primary duties of Lawyers are to:

  • Advise and represent clients in courts and in legal matters.
  • Communicate with clients, judges, colleagues and others involved in the case.
  • Be able to conduct research and analysis of legal problems.
  • Interpret laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals and businesses.

So you will mainly need three skills: Communication, social, and thought processing skills. You can make about $120K on average.

Supply Chain Manager

This job is generally related to logistics. 

The main tasks are to control inventory levels, product quality, timing, and expenses.

Depending on the company where you work, you can control different activities like design, manufacturing, packaging, and transportation.

Finance Manager

Financial managers must have strong analytical, strategic planning and communication skills and be able to work effectively with the Chief Executive Officer, members of management, and other senior executives.

Finance managers generally have at least ten years of experience in accounting or finance, including at least five years in a management position. Many companies are looking for candidates with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a professional designation such as Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Typical functions of the financial manager:

  • Develop a close working relationship with the CEO, other senior managers, and non-executives.
  • Provide leadership of the Board’s financial and accounting strategy to optimize the financial performance and strategic position of the company.
  • Take overall control of the company’s accounting function.
  • Contribute fully to the development of corporate strategy in all areas of the business, challenging assumptions and decision making, and providing financial analysis and advice on all activities, plans, targets, and operational factors.
  • Ensure that the company’s financial systems are robust, compliant, and support current operations and future growth.
  • Leading and developing financing teams.
  • Work with management teams to develop the business, formulate strategies, and plans.
  • Ensure corporate budgeting processes are executed and reviewed.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the company’s cash management policies.
  • Present annual accounts to investors.
  • Ensure that the regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met.
  • Corporate finance: manage the company’s policies on capital requirements, debt, taxation, equity, disposals, and acquisitions, as appropriate.
  • Establish a high level of credibility and manage strong working relationships with external parties, including clients and advisers.

Other jobs that are good for entrepreneurs:

  • Corporate Controller
  • Registered Nurses
  • Real estate agent
  • Management Analyst
  • Teach Kids Online in Other Countries
  • Run an Online Store
  • Sell on Amazon or eBay
  • Start a subscription box
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Flip Furniture Online
  • Get Creative

Frequently Asked Questions About Entrepreneur Jobs

What is an Entrepreneur?

In the business world, an entrepreneur is someone who thinks, creates, and carries a project in which they invest all their strength to make it a reality in the form of a company.

Highly involved in their projects, entrepreneurs differ from business people who focus on the income that can be earned from professional activity. An entrepreneur does not hesitate to invest personally and materially to contribute to the success of his business, without necessarily seeking to enrich himself. The entrepreneur is therefore distinguished by his risk-taking, great faith in his project, and sometimes by a strong personality. To the point of embodying the company he has created, like Steve Jobs (Apple) or Marc Zuckerberg (Facebook).

How Much Do Work From Home Entrepreneur Jobs pay per Year?

Depending on the job you choose, Entrepreneur remote jobs generally pay very well (more than $100,000).

With simple research in most job boards, you will find that some entrepreneur jobs can pay up to $250,000. So I think that if you have the qualifications and meet a job requirements, you can try to work from home as an entrepreneur and make some money (that will help you to start your own company).

What are the Top States for Entrepreneur Jobs?

According to Forbes, the best states for entrepreneurs in 2020 are :

  1. Utah
  2. Florida
  3. Texas
  4. Colorado
  5. California
  6. North Carolina
  7. Idaho
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Georgia
  10. Wyoming

What Kind of Skills Will do I Need for a Career in Entrepreneurship?

Do you know what qualities you need to demonstrate when you start an entrepreneurial venture? Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to have a good knowledge of the market or to have overdeveloped intellectual faculties to succeed. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the 9 skills that will make you a successful entrepreneur! 


Be a leader and not just a boss! The difference is real. As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to control the progress of your business while maintaining a specific authority to maximize productivity. However, being able to understand, inspire, and motivate your team members will not only help you to have a productive team. Still, it will also help you to establish a pleasant work atmosphere. Being a leader will allow you to identify the talents of each employee and, consequently, to improve the performance of each one.


Conducting market research is essential. It will allow you to obtain valuable information on the industry in which your company operates and to create a suitable business plan. By carrying out this market research, you will also learn about new trends, growth rates, potential competitors, customer profile,s and many other elements necessary for the success of your business.


Strategic planning is an essential asset that you need to develop even before you start your entrepreneurial career. It will increase your chances of success and prevent mistakes that could be critical and hinder the launch and development of your business.


Developing communication skills and being constructive in what you say will allow you to create long-lasting relationships at all levels (suppliers, employees, customers, investors…). It will also enable you to improve your revenues and attract customers with a real interest in your products or services.


Improving your negotiation skills is essential for your business to be successful. This will enable you to “win” arguments with your collaborators and obtain the best deals.


If you want to make a lasting impression in the business world, be innovative. Come up with new ideas or new products that aren’t on the market to make your business succeed. Being creative and developing an effective marketing strategy will give you an edge over your competitors.


Having a commercial strategy will help you attract new customers while making them satisfied with your services or products so that they will come back to you and recommend you to other potential customers.


Today, it is crucial to develop a dense and high-quality network. This will make it easier for you to contact the right people and build your business efficiently, especially if you are planning to expand your business internationally. You will be able to use this network to “sound out” the market and find new ideas through your contacts.


Handling cash flow and managing cash flow is undoubtedly the most critical step in entrepreneurship. For a business to achieve its operations smoothly and get the most out of capital, strong accounting and financial skills make it much easier for entrepreneurs to do so.

This list gives you an overview of the qualities needed to make your business a real success. Of course, these skills are not innate but can be learned. Professional training can help you to achieve this.

Are you suited to be an entrepreneur?

Some personality traits successful entrepreneurs have:

  • Passion
  • Confidence
  • Vision
  • Drive
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Optimism
  • Creativity

What is the workplace of an Entrepreneur like?

As a general rule, the workplace will be an office, but this may vary. The size of the workplace varies depending on the company’s size and can range from a home-based or small office to a big corporation. For some enterprises, the worksite will rely on the concept or the specific industry.

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Last Updated on July 19, 2020 by Imad
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