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Software developers have discovered the rising need for screen recording. If you are reading this, it means you are also in need of finding a computer tool that will get you a quality screen record. Well, continue reading this and am sure you will get to know all about the best screen recording tool that are currently available for free or premium.

What Is Screen Recording Software?

A screen recording software does exactly what the name suggests. It is designed to help you record everything that is being displayed on your computer screen. You can also use this system to take screenshots and record audio accompanying the screen record.

While you can use an external camera to record your screen, the quality of the record cannot be compared with that of a screen recording system. A screen recording tool delivers a high-quality record that is clear and free from obstruction of lighting issues.

Surprisingly a screen capture software does not need a camera. The software takes continuous screenshots, compresses them, and joins them to form a video. This means that you will get the exact quality of what is appearing on the screen without zooming or lighting issues.

The screen recording tool has revolutionized the business, education, and many other sectors. Numerous sectors are using this system to develop instructional videos, promotion videos, business-related videos, among others.

Key Considerations When Selecting Screen Recording Software

Frame Rate

Film rate refers to the number of screenshot images taken per second. The number of images taken per second determines the smoothness and quality of the record. The more the images taken per second, the better.

A great screen recording software should at least take 25 images per second. If the images are less than this, the continuity and smooth flow of your video will be compromised.

Quality of Capture

The quality of capture depends on the resolution of the image that the software can capture. Some screen recording tools are only able to capture low-quality images, which results in a low-quality record.

A great screen recorder should at least deliver a 480P record or above. Advanced screen recording tool can deliver a full HD (1080P) video or 4K HD video. Depending on your need, you can select the one that suits your quality requirements.

Audio compatibility

This is an important feature to look for in a screen recording tool. If you intend to have an audio in your video, then you need a software with audio record capability.

Live Broadcasting

With the growing urge to host live events or meetings, a screen recording system that enables you to live stream can be quite handy. This is a must-have feature if you are hosting educational forums or live meetings.

Sharing Options

This is also another critical feature that is of great significance for live meetings, educational purposes, and other forums. Great software should be able to share your video file feed on social media or through other sharing options.

Desktop Screen Recorder vs. Online Screen Recorder

A desktop screen recorder is a software that you have to install on your computer. An online screen recorder does not need any installation, and all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Desktop screen recorders are convenient and do not have numerous limitations, unlike online screen recorder. They allow you to have unlimited recording time that is not dependent on the internet.

Online screen capture is also ideal if you do not have software at hand. They are excellent for short and urgent videos. However, you may end up losing a recorded feed in case your internet connection breaks or if your computer shuts down.

Even though it is quite easy to access and use an online screen recorder, I would recommend a desktop screen recorder over it. More so, because online recorders may not get you high-quality feed. The length of the video is also limited hence not ideal for long feeds.

Common Features of Screen Recording Software

Screen recording software must be able to do several actions for them to be termed as screen recorders. There several common features of a screen recorder, which include.

• Ability to record the entire screen, a specific window, or a selected area of the screen.

• Ability to record microphone and video simultaneously.

• Ability to offer live stream and video sharing.

• Simple and friendly user interface.

• Ability to record a video without the use of a camera.

Benefits of screen recorder

Screen capture software has several benefits that are worth mentioning.

1. It can save different types of content. A screen recording app will sort you out in saving any content that is appearing on your screen. You can be able to save a live stream video that has no option of downloading.

2. Used in making an instructional video. If you want to teach persons how to use a specific app or software, the screen recorder will seamlessly allow you to do that. Numerous YouTube videos have been made using screen recording to explain or instruct on how to use or perform specific issues.

3. It allows you to create a wide range of content. With the screen capture software, you can create numerous content such as promo videos, instructional videos, tutorials, reviews, and product demonstrations.

The Best Video Capture Apps (free and paid)

The internet has numerous video capturing apps that are offered for free or on a paid basis. However, some outperform others proving quality and smooth record feed that can be used for professional purposes. These apps have a high frame rate, excellent user interface, ability to live-stream and share, and other great options of screen recording.

We have researched, filtered, and selected 24 screen recording apps that are excellent and affordable for everyone. We have also included other great video capturing apps that are free, and you can easily download it from the internet. We will keenly analyze the pros, cons, and pricing for you to identify and select the one that suits your needs quickly.

Free Cam

Free Cam review

Free Cam is a fantastic Screen recording app that allows you to easily create screen feed, edit videos, and your record, and easily share your videos. This software is free, and it gives you a 720P resolution. The free version of the software has its limitation, which has been listed on the premium version.

The premium Free Cam version offers additional features for professional use. The cam offers you video output in Mp4, full HD resolution (1080P), live streaming, inserting text and pictures, and record separate voice over.

The premium version goes for $227/year. The company allows you to have a free trial version of the premium app before you can decide to purchase it.


• Excellent resolution

• No limit on the time

• Direct upload to YouTube

• Easy video edit

• Voice narration record


• The app is quite limited and not ideal for professional use.

• You will need to purchase a premium version to enjoy professional utilities.


Camstudio is another excellent app that needs no introduction. This is 100% free to use recording and streaming video software that comes with several professional utilities.

Camstudio allows you to record screen and audio with and industrial-standard AVI quality. The program allows you to easily add high-quality screen captions just in case you prefer that. You can seamlessly select the part of the screen that you want to record.

Camstudio offers you control over selecting the quality of the output feed. Depending on the use of the feed, you can customize quality from high to low.

CamStudio, as earlier pointed out, is free. You can enjoy all the professional features without having to pay a dime.


• Easy user interface

• Customized video quality

• Goof for short videos

• Video edits available


• Might experience trouble viewing SWF videos generated by the app.


Ezvid review

The Ezvid is another free screen recording app worth your attention. The app offers you a Fast & easy screen recorder that can is easily integrated with an instant facecam. The app also gives you video editing control and sound synthesis to get you a quality output feed.

The app also comes with excellent background music that you can use for your feed. You can also be able to draw over your screen and launch an instant slide show maker.

The Ezvid is a free application with various limitations. First, it has a 45-minute limit per feed.


• Fast and easy record

• Has sound synthesis option

• Has background music

• Embedded to record with webcam


• If you are planning to make longer videos, then this might not be ideal.

• It is also not available for Mac users.


Tinytake review

TinyTake is another exciting free screen capture software app that is best suited for beginners. The app offers you a five-minute quality feed with no watermarks. TinyTake gives you a 2GB cloud storage, and you can directly export your feed on YouTube.

The tool allows you to record the entire screen or part of the screen. You can also easily share your feed for free on different platforms.

Tiny Take is free but with several limitations.


• Great in sharing files

• Has an online cloud storage

• Customizable keys

• Compatible with phones


• This app is only ideal for short videos of less than five minutes.

• The software is only ideal for beginners as it lacks other professional utilities.

OBS Studio

Obs Studion review

The OBS Studio is an exceptional screen recorder that’s ideal for professionals, gamers, YouTubers, and anyone interested in recording quality screen feeds. The software is open source and offered freely with numerous professional utilities.

OBS Studio has a gamer-centric utility that captures quality feeds that you can live stream on twitch and other platforms. This tool does not limit your video length. It is hence ideal for long projects.

Because OBS Studio can record directly from your graphics card, it’s able to capture games running in full-screen mode, with customizable hotkeys to control the recording.

OBS Studio allows you to record or stream videos in HD resolution. This is free software that is worth great value.


• Excellent in live stream record

• No limit on video length

• Quality HD feed

• Great for gaming

• Free


• The shortcoming associated with the software is difficulty in installing and usability.


ShareX review

ShareX is an upcoming screen capture tool that has come to improve your gaming experience. This a great screen recorder online made to take gaming to the next level. It is also a free, open-source software open for improvements.

ShareX offers you all the necessary features and can be easily customized to suit what you need. It offers excellent quality feed with HD resolution. It has one of the simplest user interfaces that allows you to improve your feed. This is free.

Unfortunately, ShareX doesn’t support taking screen grabs or recordings from games running in full-screen mode.


• Select screen part to record

• Upload files easily

• Gaming suited

• High resolution

• Easy user interface


• The app is only available for Windows users, and it has a complicated interface to master.

Debut Video Capture

The Debut Video Capture is another great app that is offered freely and on a premium basis. The home edition app is offered freely and offers entire screen recording and resizable records.

The software also allows you to record with your webcam from any source. This implies that you can connect an external camera using a cable or an IP address.

The Debut Video Capture gives you color and video editing effects to spice up your feed. The paid version of the app offers you excellent professionals’ utilities, including live streaming and sharing on different media platforms.

The price of the paid app is $39.95.


• Resizable record (whole screen or part of it)

• Webcam record enabled

• Excellent video effects

• Good Sharing


• The app has limited expert features.

iSpring Suite

The iSpring Suite is an excellent screen recording program for educational purposes such as e-learning. The software is great in creating customized presentations, tutorials, and instructional videos for your audience.

iSpring Suite comes with a simple user interface for any user. The app is recommended for beginners and middle-level professionals.

This is not a free app, and you will need to spend some coins to enjoy its functionality. However, you can get a free trial version that will introduce you to its features. The app gives you clouding storage, streaming features, and advanced sharing utilities.

The total premium per year is $870.


• Record narration

• Smooth records

• No limit on the length

• Add images and visual effects


• The app is relatively expensive, and it is only targets eLearning and educational use.


The Camtasia is an all in one best video recorder and video editor app. It gives you an exciting experience with its professional utilities. It gives you complete control of your feed, and you can customize it to suit your needs.

This is a great app for professionals, and for interested beginners, it offers you all the demo and instructional videos of how to use it. The Camtasia app is ideal for live streaming, content sharing, and educational purposes.

Currently, there is no free version, but the premium version allows you to enjoy its features using the trial version. The app costs $249, which is a one-time fee for the entire software.


• Webcam enabled

• Easy editing

• Easy to import and share videos

• Add captions

• Background music


• The software has a complex interface difficult for beginners to master.


Bandicam is an easy-to-use, free screen recorder for Windows that enables you to capture any area of your screen either as a screenshot or a screencast video file.

You can record lectures, webinars, games, and Skype calls with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam, and share on YouTube or Vimeo. To record your pc screen, choose the ‘Screen Recording’ mode of Bandicam.

With Bandicam you can record everything on your computer screen and save it as screencast video files(MP4, AVI) or image files.

Bandicam uses Nvidia’s H.264 codec when it records so the quality of a video is still maintained even if users compress it into a file with a smaller size. 

While Bandicam doesn’t offer a free trial, it comes with an editing tool called Bandicut. You can have both for around $60 or Bandicam only for price starting at $39 (1PC).


 • Screen Area selection

• Real-time drawing ( Draw and outline on your video in real time)

• Add Webcam overlay

 • Mix your own voice

• Add logo to video

• Add Webcam overlay


  • Windows only.


The Droplr app is another versatile app ideal for screenshots and video recording. The app is available for Mac, Windows, and Chrome users.

The Droplr allows you to share your feed easily with several popular platforms. The app also offers cloud storage for you to access your screen feeds conveniently.

This is a paid stool but gives you a taste of its features using the free trial version.

The app offers different premiums for different users. If you are a single user, you will have $48 annual premiums.


• Easy sharing

• Great quality

• Cloud storage

• Excellent screenshots


• Not ideal for gaming purposes.


ActivePresenter is a combined video editor and an eLearning educational tool. It comes with basic and professional tools to edit, annotate, share, and create HTML of your screencast.

ActivePresenter is available for Mac and Windows users. This screen recorder is also available in five other languages to accommodate numerous users.

The recorder comes in both free and commercial modes. The commercial comes either in standard or active pro mode. They all have extra professional features for professional users.

The standard mode goes for $199, while the active pro is $399.


• Excellent for E-learning

• Multiple languages

• Professional features

• Video editing enabled


• Not convenient for game users.

• Slightly pricey


ScreenFlow is award-winning software that allows you to create exciting high-quality videos and perform screen recording.

ScreenFlow delivers quality feed in HD, making it ideal for professional presentation and gaming. The video editing tools make it easy to customize your screencast.

ScreenFlow system is ideal for educators, marketers, vloggers, and online training.

You can enjoy some of its free features in the trial version, but for professional and business use, you will have to purchase the tool. You can purchase the ScreenFlow for $129 one-time cost with future upgrade costs.


• Full HD resolution

• Suitable for presentation and Gaming

• A great video editing tool

• Easy sharing

• Customize your feed


• Frequent updates that don’t seem necessary


The Snagit capture and recording software is a simple and powerful tool that guarantees you value for money. The software has over 14 million users in the business, gaming, and educational sectors.

This is ideal for middle and highly experienced professionals who aim as delivering quality and customized screen feeds. The software has annotation options and simple editing tools incorporated with webcam recording.

The software offers you a free trial software to experience its worth before you can decide to purchase it. The commercial version only goes for $49.95, which is a one-time fee. The software is one of the most affordable for professional experience.


• Widely Accepted

• Quality video feeds

• Annotation enabled

• Advanced editing tools


• It has many features, and they might confuse beginners.

FlashBack Pro

The FlashBack Pro is an amazing professional screen recording and video editing app that has millions of users. It is an excellent tool for making video tutorials, training videos, YouTube content, Business presentation, video classes, and eLearning.

The online recorder allows you to capture screen record and webcam feed. You can easily add narration and commentary on your video. The app also allows you to record multiple screens and upload them on YouTube simultaneously.

The FlashBack Pro also allows you to export videos in Mp4, AVI, GIF, and other formats. The software has exciting video editing tools that are easy to customize.

FlashBackPro comes at a pocket-friendly price of $49 for a single user with a lifetime license. To try out this tool, you can download a 10-days trial version.


• Great video editing

• Excellent for all presentations

• Webcam feed enabled

• Easy to export

• Affordable


• Limited sharing options


Loom is an upcoming exciting app that has revolutionize conversation and messaging using expressive videos. The software’s goal is to remove the hustle of typing and to save time by recording the message in a video.

Loom gives you a great experience of recording screen and at some time using a webcam to capture your message. The app is convenient in delivering memorable messages and reduce the necessity of unnecessary meetings.

The app gives you instant sharing options, easy editing tools, and control of viewing. The quality of the feed provided is in HD (1080P) resolution.

The Loom app is free, and all you need is to download and enjoy its features.


• Video messaging

• Excellent for organizations

• Easy sharing

• Quality HD feed

• Free


• Not ideal for gaming and has no cloud storage.


AceThinker is a great app that can be utilized for education, entertainment, and business use. The app allows you to record whatever you can see on the screen or whichever part of the screen that you want.

It is a simple app that you can use to make quality video feeds for any purpose. It is quite handy in recording live streams and games from any source.

The app has an easy user interface that allows you to pause and resume recording at any time. With an unlimited time of recording, you can use the app for lengthy projects.

The app has a free trial version and a commercial version. For single personal use, the app goes for $ 39.95.


• All-purpose app

• Quality videos

• Easy user interface

• Live stream recording


• The app does not have advanced editing and sharing options.


Soapbox is an online screen and webcam recording app that is excellent for your business, tutorial, or entertainment use. This software comes as a Google Chrome Extension making it very easy to lunch and start recording.

The app simultaneously records the screen, audio commenting, and your webcam. Without any length limit to your video, you can use it for long projects. The app has a great user interface that is easy to customize your feed.

Soapbox also comes with a video editing tool that helps you edit your screen feed and webcam feed. You can create quality HD feeds to share with your associates, clients, or students.

This app is 100% free for you to use.


• Free

• Webcam Enabled

• No length limits

• Easy video edit

• Quality HD feed


• The app is simple and has no advanced editing features.

• The app does not work if you have a faulty webcam.


The Captivate, popularly known as Adobe Captivate, is a great screen recorder designed for software simulation and e-Learning. The app has an advanced editing tool that suits professionals and software experts. For beginners, the app offers an automatic recording mode that does not need the skill of advanced tools.

Captivate is excellent in delivering quality feeds that suit businesses and professional classes. The app is available for Mac and Windows users.

Adobe regular offers training on how to use the advanced features fully. Captivate comes with a free trial version to allow you to get a gist of its advanced features.

The premium version of the tool goes for $1,299.0 for a perpetual license.


• Great for Simulation and eLearning

• Regular training

• Advanced video editing tools

• Automatic record mode

• Timed record


• Relatively expensive and complicated for beginners.

Icecream Screen Recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder is an ideal software that is made for live stream, movie and game recording, making of tutorials, among other uses. The recorder enables you to capture screenshot and webcam simultaneously.

It offers you an exciting user experience where you can customize quality, depending on the use of the feed. The app can be able to deliver a feed-in full HD resolution. The app also allows you to take seamless screenshots from any source on your computer.

You can be able to schedule the start and end of the screen recording. This is very helpful in recording a movie or a show.

The tool comes with a free version with limited functionalities. The app is also available in the pro version, which is sold at $29.95 one-time fee.


• Ideal for Live stream and game recording

• Schedule recording time

• Quality Full HD resolution

• Excellent advanced features


• The advanced features are only available for Windows users only.


The ApowerREC is one of the best screen recorders for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS users. It is widely accepted and used by millions of users.

The app offers excellent quality feed allowing to do screen recording, audio narration, and webcam feed. The app gives you an extra smart recording experience.

You can easily add text annotation to your video and use its simple user interface seamlessly. The app also comes with video editing capabilities to customize your feed.

The app has a free version with numerous limitations. It also comes with a premium version that costs $ 69.95 for a lifetime license.


• Numerous users

• Quality feed

• Text annotation

• Video editing

• Customize feed


• The editor is relatively challenging to use

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio is another lightweight and very powerful screen recording app for Windows users. It is convenient for capturing streaming videos or audio files.

The app allows you to schedule a timer for when to start and stop your recording. It also allows you to record narration audio over the screen feed. You can easily share and upload your videos on YouTube.

This app is ideal for beginners and gaming fanatics.

The app comes with a free limited version and a premium pro version. The pro version costs $39.95 for a lifetime license.


• Powerful app

• Great for streaming videos record

• Ideal for presentation and games

• Easy user interface


• Only available for windows users.

• Does not have advanced features for professional use.


Screencastify is another simple and powerful online screen recorder that comes as a Google Chrome extension. It is excellent in live streaming and sharing on numerous social platforms. The great thing about this tool is that you don’t need the internet to do screen recording.

Screencastify can record your screen, narration audio, and webcam feed simultaneously. The app is quite easy to use with a very simple user interface.

The free version of the tool offers you only five minutes per second. To enjoy the unlimited record, you need to upgrade to a premium version for $49 per year.


• Online Screen record

• Easy sharing

• No need of internet

• Narration audio enabled

• Unlimited record time


• Not recommended for professional use since it lacks advanced features

• Not for gaming use


The Screencast-O-Matic is made with three specific objectives, to record your screen, edit your video, and share videos. All these features are embedded in the software to give you hustle free experience.

The software is easy to launch and set up, giving you control to customize what you need. The app can add webcam feed and audio narration to your screen record.

The video editor is also comprehensive, with all the vital features of video editing. The sharing of videos is also easy with the option of cloud hosting.

The software is ideal for educators, developers, gamers, and business professionals.

The app offers a free version with several limits. To enjoy all the features, you can subscribe for $1.65 per month.


• Easy to launch and set up

• Advanced features

• Cloud hosting enabled

• Webcam feed enabled

• Video editing feature

• Easy sharing


• It takes time to build a content library


The Screen recording software discussed above have been reviewed and widely accepted by millions of users. They are all useful in getting you that quality screen record that you desire. Depending on your need, you can select the app that will suit you.

There are some which are free and offer great user experience with excellent results. If you want additional features for professional use, you can choose a premium software that will guarantee you quality.

However, it is also crucial you try the software first with the available trial version before you commit to spending money on the software. Some software are for advanced and skilled users, just select software that will be convenient for you.

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