What are the Best Side Jobs For Entrepreneurs?

Are you an entrepreneur who owns a startup or a small business, and want to make some extra income from a side job? Based on your skill level and your unique requirements, you can earn decent money if you put your skills to good use and use your smarts to monetize the same as best as possible.

The best side jobs that entrepreneurs can seek for are mainly freelance-related. As an entrepreneur, you probably have different, highly specialized skills that can make you money. But we keep in mind that you prefer to work for yourself rather than others, but at the same time, at the beginning and early phases of your startup creation, you need to pay bills.

Based on the above consideration, these are some of the best side jobs that entrepreneurs can try for some additional source of revenue:

Driving For Lyft and Uber

Whether you are in the united states or other places around the world, Ridesharing has become very popular and worth trying. Generally, people prefer the lower cost of Uber and Lyft than other Taxi cab companies. Moreover, from an ecological point of view, Ridesharing can help the planet by reducing air pollution.

Anyways, if you have a new car in good condition and you live in a big city with heavy traffic, you can make a lot of money driving.

Social Media Management (SMM) for Small Businesses

A lot of small business owners require the services of a social media manager, as they lack the expertise and time to post exciting pieces of stuff on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

If you are good at SMM, why not get in touch with a few local businesses? For a monthly fee decided according to an agreement, you may offer services to small business owners and make some extra bucks, irrespective of where exactly you stay in.

Creating a Smartphone App

If you are skilled in app development and have good knowledge of using development platforms based on Android or Swift, you can try developing smartphone apps.

Fix a fair rate for each download, and if the app solves a problem or offers what users are looking for – with no competing app able to match its features and performance, you can hope to make good money from the same.

Manage Email Marketing Compaigns

This is among the most lucrative online marketing methods to existing today. You have to try to attract as many subscribers as possible and establish a personal rapport with each of them to make things work.

You can get your email marketing business off the ground with the help of platforms such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, and LeadPages.

Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate marketing industry has a lot of profit potential, although many of the affiliate marketers complain that they are unable to make much money.

But if you are skilled and have some knowledge of how it works, you can hope to make good fortune.

However, do not expect too much income at the outset. Start with small crumbs, and put in more effort. Soon enough, your income will grow.

Try Skype Tutoring

Regardless of your location, you can teach others over Skype. It can be a fantastic option, particularly if you happen to be a digital nomad and cannot depend on local employers for constant sustenance.

You can try teaching people from the UK or US, and the payment will be satisfying – especially if you are from an Asian country.

Take up Micro-jobs

You can easily find such jobs on the platform Mechanical Turk of Amazon.

Although you will not be able to earn huge, the income will be decent, and you do not have to work for long hours either.

In most cases, each of these jobs can be completed within a few minutes.

When you complete enough tasks, you can earn enough cash to pay your bills each month.

Answer Questions

Did you know that you could make money just by answering questions?

Yes, it is possible on sites like JustAnswer that pay you for replying to professional matters.

In case you have a superior level of skill, such as a high degree of experience in IT, medicine, or law, you can be paid for assisting others in specific areas or topics, such as Jobs, Medical, Firearms, Antiques, or even Entertainment.

Rent Your Extra Room as an Airbnb Accommodation

If you have a spare room in your home or office that can be rented out, Airbnb can be a fantastic resource.

In case you need some hard cash fast, you can make a good income from Airbnb.

Twenty-four hours after a visitor checks in, you can get your payment.

This type of payment system is in place to avoid potential scams or issues.

Some entrepreneurs create a supplementary source of income by renting rooms or even homes out on Airbnb.

Develop an online course

You can sign up with an online platform such as Teachable or Udemy, and develop an online course, using some skills that you have.

Based on the amount of time and effort that you put into your program, it is possible to make a significant income.

You can be assured of a good profit if you have the knowledge and skills to develop courses that offer lots of value.

Sell your services on Fiverr

Gigs were born with Fiverr, and you can earn up to 6-figure sums every year, starting from services that begin at 5 USD.

Anything can be sold on this online platform.

If you want to emerge as a Super Seller and earn lots of money in the times to come, you have to offer lots of value at even lower rates.

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