What Career Should I Pursue? 10 points to choose your Ideal Career

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As we grow up in life, it becomes imperative that we get settled into a career.

Given that it is the activity that will sustain us throughout our lives, we must make the right decision. Such consensus can create a high amount of pressure on those who need to make the right choice.

It is especially the case if you are coming out of school or college, and have to decide the next step of your life.

While there are certainly plenty of considerations to take into account, the below 10 points will give a rough idea of where to begin in your career search path.

1) Figure Out Your Strengths

This is one of the essential points to understand and apply.

Every single one of us has specific strengths, whether we realize it or not. It is something that is innate in the human nature. Some of us realize it, while others don’t. But the fact is that this is something that exists in everyone.

If you can figure out what your strength is, you will be able to accelerate the decision-making process significantly. Put, it’s a lot easier to do what you already know for a living, rather than learning a new skill all over again. You can learn new skills, but you should figure out whether you want to market what you already know or something you will be learning shortly.

2) Know Your Career Goals

Identify what your career goals are.

Do you want to become a CEO?

Or do you want to become an Entrepreneur?

Then again, would you be happy with a regular job, and spend the rest of your time on something else?

These are essential questions to answer, but doing so will help you to figure out where your priorities lie. And when you figure this out, you will be able to know what your career goals ought to be.

3) How Much Time You Are Willing To Spare

Every career will require you to sacrifice a percentage of your daily time.

It doesn’t matter what career choice you take up, for you will have to give up a part of your day.

Some career decisions will not take much of your time, such as becoming an employee. On the other hand, others like that of entrepreneurship will require you to spend the entire day, at least for a few months and maybe even more than a year.

4) Are You Ready To Be Mobile For Your Career

Do you like traveling?

Most people say they do, but that’s just a cliché. Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone likes to do it for a living.

Do realize that when you travel for a living, you will not be going for a vacation. You will still be having deadlines, daily targets, and more, to keep up.

In the context of this, would you instead work in the same place for an extended period

5) Would You Work Better At Your Own Pace or Under Pressure?

Another thing to take into consideration is productivity.

What makes you perform well? Working at your own pace or being pressured into doing it? This is something you should take into consideration because each career choice comes with their degree of productivity requirements and restrictions.

6) What Matters More To You? Fulfillment or Money?

Not all career choices are equal, in the context of fulfillment and money.

Some will give you fulfillment but not money. Others will provide you with cash but not satisfaction. It is sporadic that you will come across a profession which offers you both fulfillment and pay in equal proportions.

For example, working at a charity will give you fulfillment but not enough money. At the same time, working in a company as a CEO or manager will provide you with plenty of money, but very little to no fulfillment, especially if the job profile has a high degree of work stress.

7) Do You See Yourself Working At The Same Job Until Retirement?

This is something many people don’t take into consideration.

But it is one of the most important things to consider, as you will be working for a very long time.

Can you imagine yourself working until retirement at your career choice? Or would you go crazy after a short time?

There are plenty of people in the world who actively hate their job, but work regardless, because they didn’t think of long term job satisfaction.

8) Are The Skills Transferrable?

This is a rather subtle aspect of careers.

Some jobs will give you a skill set that you can transfer from one profession to another.

For example, being an accountant will give you the skillset that you can apply for a wide variety of jobs in all fields of the economy.

But then specific jobs are particular, such as aerospace engineering, which restricts you to a select group of industries such as aircraft design or space exploration.

9) Is Your Career Choice Paying Well?

Money isn’t everything.

But it is required to pay for everything.

So does your career choice pay you well?

It doesn’t matter how fantastic it maybe if you cannot make a living from it.

So take into consideration the pay rate as well, before you start working at a job.

10) Is It a ‘Fail-Safe’ Job?

Not all jobs are ‘fail-safe.’

When you have a recession or some other such economic problem, many jobs tend to get affected negatively.

The same is true for problems related to automation, increased productivity, artificial intelligence, etc.

You will need to look into and see whether your career choice will save you from these economic problems as well.

In all, choosing a career can be one of the most stressful things in your life. At the same time, however, you need have to worry too much. The points mentioned above and others like it will go a long way in ensuring that you’re on the right track in life.

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Last Updated on December 28, 2019 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

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