Work from home jobs: the ultimate guide for 2021

work from home guide
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This is the ultimate guide to working from home in 2020.

In this new guide I’ll show you:

  • The benefits of work at home jobs
  • How to succeed at working from home and the skills you need
  • The questions you must ask before accepting a home-based job
  • How to know when a Work from home job is legit and avoid scams?
  • A list of the best websites to find legit work-from-home-jobs
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

The internet is another world on its own, a place to share not just knowledge, but skills, competence, and above all, earn from such.

Over the years, a lot has changed, and it is not a new trend that this “world” of its own offers jobs for people even at better conditions compared to real-life job offers.

This includes the ability to be able to work remotely.

Yeah! In your pajamas with a cup of coffee and flipflops.

You really should not ask if there are any advantages to having a remote job because they are countless.

I cover them in this guide, anyway.

Why not grab a cup of coffee, relax because this guide is going to keep you on the screen.

But before, if you wonder what kind of jobs you can get starting with.

It depends!

Yes, it depends on your skills as well as your passions.

However, You can always start with simple jobs like data entry, translation, or research-related jobs.

That’s said, let’s dive right in our first section.

What are the benefits of working at home (remote work)?

When talking about the benefits of working from home, there are many aspects to cover!

That what we did in this section!

The first benefit, as you may guess, is the financial one.

Indeed, you can save money by staying at home.

Let me explain how:

1) Financial benefits

First of all, commuting costs.

Not only you will reduce the amount of wear and tear on your car, but you will need to get gas less frequently as well.

As you can see in this chart below, According to a study published in Theatlas, workers can save at least 481$ by going 100% remote.

annula commute cost saving
Source: Theatlas

According to the same study, people working 50% remotely succeeded to save between 240$ and 277$, depending on location.

You can also cut expenses on daily cappuccinos from your favorite coffee shop, lunches out with your coworkers. Right?

I am sure you agree that you can cut down on buying meals by preparing your own food come lunchtime.

Moreover, as a home-based worker, you can dress less formally than you would in the office.

Do you know what that means?

It means less money on work-specific outfits!

What else?

Well, if you have a dog, you will save on dogsitters.

If you work outside of your home, you will probably need someone to let your pet out during the day.

As you already know, that costs money!

If you have children, you save money on childcare.

Finally, you can live in more affordable areas when working from home.

2) Health benefits

  • More sleep
  • No more stressful commute
  • Access to healthier nutrition
  • Avoiding germs: It is an unfortunate finding that many employees tend to come to work even when they are sick. Generally, it’s due to a lack of paid sick time.
  • Avoiding burnout: people that get exhausted by too much social interaction, or tired of the long commute can work from home to recharge the batteries.
  • More self-care: Working at home can give you the opportunity to look after yourself. You can take time to do some exercise in the yard, or take 10 minutes to meditate.

Can you guess what all these points have in common?

Yep, they are the health-related benefits working from home can provide!

The 2018 Global state of remote work report highlighted that 71% of remote workers feel happy in their jobs.

remote workers are happy

3) Other benefits

What could you do with an extra 120 hours per year?

If it takes you 15 mins to get to work, which is a small amount of travel time (especially when you hear about people having to drive 1.5+ hours to get to work),

That adds up to over 2.5 hours per week.

Or 10 hours per month, which comes to over 120 hours per year!

That’s about 3 weeks of a full-time job that you dedicate to commute.

I think there is no need to develop this point further!

Another benefit is the time you get to spend with your kids!

Being more productive!

By knowing your optimal productivity period of the day, you can set your own hours and work whenever you feel most productive.

Furthermore, depending on your situation, working at home means a quieter atmosphere with fewer distractions and, more importantly, with a better work/home balance.

More options for employment:

No more distance limits.

No need to get only the jobs where you live.

Mobile workstation:

Often you need only a laptop so that you can change up your work location without hassle.

You can work in the coffee shops, the library,…

As you can see in the next picture, all these benefits make that over 3.7 million people are working from home at least half the time. 

This picture from Fundera shows that telecommuting is more popular than ever (see the following statistics).

working from home statistics

The skills you need to work from home

In this section, I list all the skills it takes to be successful in the work from home jobs.

10 skills to succeed at remote jobs

In fact,

Working at home is not for everyone!

The good news is that you can acquire these skills through practice and discipline.

So I advise you to improve these skills if you already have them.

Otherwise, you can always learn via different platforms that I will discuss later on.

here are the skills:

1) Self-motivation

Working at home requires motivation. 

There is no boss to keep track of your progress all the time.

You have to be self-disciplined to get out of bed and not spend the day there.

You also need to focus on the task at hand and finish the job by yourself.

At home, there will always be distractions. Focus on your work at all costs (except in an emergency).

2) Organization skills

The organization is particularly important for working from home. 

Keep track of your folders and files.

If you use different computers to work, use platforms like Dropbox to access your data anywhere, anytime.

If you are a freelancer, always save taxes.

I also recommend making to-do lists, so you don’t lose sight of your professional goals. 

By writing down tasks, you are less likely to forget them.

If you’re a blogger, plan categories and topics before you start blogging.

It’s also essential to have a set workspace and take breaks 3-4 times a day.

Also, keep the supplies you often use within reach and avoid multitasking to stay better focused.

3) Non-verbal communication skills

At home, you have no non-verbal clues to guide your professional communications.

Most exchanges take place by e-mail. Always be polite and professional.

Use accurate and easy-to-understand language in your e-mails.

Be specific about any questions you have.

Getting better at typing will improve your communication skills. 

Don’t hesitate to invest in software that helps you type better (I use Grammarly myself, and I love it).

It might be tempting to discuss your activities with your colleagues; however, keep all work-related discussions professional.

4) Critical thinking

To be successful in working at home, you must be able to work independently.

You must understand instructions and perform tasks on your own. 

With a minimum of supervision, learning the creative problem-solving; it will surely help you.

5) Bookkeeping

If you’re working from home, accounting is vital for maintaining your business.

It helps you to plan your tax payments, monitor your expenses, and manage late payers.

Learning it will help to have a clear vision of the state of your finances.

Keep track of your earnings and expenses.

At least bi-weekly, this should all be recorded.

6) Time-consciousness

Depending on the type of work you do, you may work with people from a different region.

It is crucial to consider time zones when suggesting or accepting meetings or deadlines with someone.

Communicate your work schedule to friends and family.

An important tip:  Don’t handle personal tasks during work hours and limit the number of times you check e-mail (That will save you time).

7) Flexibility

While a rigid schedule is necessary to organize your day, don’t be afraid to rearrange it if necessary.

One of the benefits of home-based work is that you can become more hands-on when you need to be more effectively handling non-work related tasks. 

It is also an opportunity to be more accessible to family members or friends when they have an emergency or really need your help.

8) Commitment to quality

Working from home, your livelihood depends on the quality of work you produce every time.

Every satisfied customer is likely to offer another job in the future and recommend your services to others.

Do your best job and Never let others underestimate your work (the home-based job is a real job).

9) Perseverance

Remember that building successful home-based careers and making money online don’t happen overnight.

It takes time to find your niche, forge relationships with clients and build a good reputation.

The mindset and perseverance are essential to succeed in working at home.

10) Technical skills

Since the majority of your work will be done on your computer, try to be computer savvy.

Learn how to troubleshoot and solve common computer problems.

Moreover, knowledge of how to use different software, updating programs, and keeping your computer running smoothly is crucial.

Depending on your area of expertise and services, always stay abreast of new information, techniques, and resources available.

Once in a while, take online courses, and improve your technical skills continuously.

There are different ways to learn the skills you need to work from home:

  • Read books
  • Find an internship
  • If you are freelancer, bid low on tasks you don’t master 100% (practice is a way of learning)
  • Watch videos
  • Online in-depth courses and coaching
  • Practice

The following are the books I recommend to people willing to succeed at home-based jobs:

Expert opinions

I think the most important things for home-based jobs is discipline and routine. I’ve been working from home full time since 2008 and it’s all-too-easy to slack off or snack constantly. By still treating your work day like work, you’ll be more effective and get better results. (Now that’s not to say you can’t wear PJs all day!)

Nick Loper

Founder of SideHustleNation blog,

If you want to succeed in a home-based job you HAVE to be self-motivated and disciplined. I feel strongly that if you possess those two qualities then you’ll be successful because you’ll do what it takes to get the job done. 
Whitney Max

Founder of Triedandtruemomjobs blog,

How to know when a Work from home job is legit and avoid scams?

As you may notice in the statistics showed above, working from home is becoming so popular.

Since many people show their interest in working at home and make money online, scammers take advantage of it and try to rip off. 

By unknowingly giving your personal information to scammers, you put yourself at risk of losing money and other assets.

This section will help you to differentiate between legit opportunities and scams.

Here’s how to protect yourself when searching for work at home jobs:

1) Realize how to recognize a scam

Before you do so, take the time to determine what opportunities are legitimate jobs and what are the scams at telecommuting. 

The more job postings and home-based work ads you see, the more likely you are to be confronted with scams and a pattern of trickery.

Truly honest at-home jobs will then be more comfortable to spot.

You will begin to see the distinctive clues to a work-at-home scam, in part because of the similarity of what they say.

2) Use your good judgment and be aware of risky opportunities

When evaluating an opportunity, ask yourself first whether it is profitable from the company’s point of view, especially if it seems very advantageous. 

How could the people promoting this opportunity generate money if they pay you so much for so little work?

Don’t forget, if it seems too good to be true, it’s probably not a good deal.

However, scammers are so sneaky, so common sense and good judgment alone are not enough.

For example, I always avoid:

  • Pyramids schemes
  • Business start-up kits
  • Home assembly
  • Envelope stuffing

More details in the picture below (source:

work from home jobs scam signs


3) Be in control of your emotions

The most common way scammers find their victims is by playing on their feelings.

When you want something, your emotions cause you to take rash steps to get it.

Finding a job at home is not easy so that you will need patience and foresight.

Be especially wary of any opportunity that tries to play on your emotions by saying that you “deserve” something.

4) Never pay for an opportunity

have you ever seen an employer who charges those who want to work for them? 


Scammers who claim to offer excellent opportunities will ask you for money.

The argument often put forward is that there would be start-up costs!

Of course, it’s a scam.

A real home-based business is built over time through thorough preparation and study, not by buying online unnoticed.

At the end of this article, you will find a reliable and free section that lists legitimate home-based businesses by industry sector.

Examples of job scams:

  • The company’s URL is offline for an extended period
  • They want a lot of personal data from the outset
  • The employer has no e-reputation or digital footprint

I loved the next advice from

find company information

Here are some examples of job scams according to

examples of job scams

Question Home-based workers must ask

The following questions will help you to stay stress-free and to steer clear of home-based job scams.

Moreover, when you know everything you need to know before starting your work, the quality of the work will be optimal (at least at my point of view).

1) What are the duties/responsibilities of the job?

A legit employer will always provide a job description that details your responsibilities, duties, a contract, and even details about the pay structure.

2) Is training provided

As per traditional jobs, most online and work from home jobs provide training (except if you are already an expert in your field with proven experience).

3) Ask if you would be guaranteed a certain number of hours each week?

Indeed, this is so important, especially if you are paid by the hour.

Ask about flexible scheduling or set hours.

Ensure that you get the minimum working time you need and that it does not conflict with other jobs or personal obligations.

4) What is the starting date

This is a crucial point.

Some employers will ask you to start immediately. 

However, a home-based position may delay your start date by a few weeks if other factors prevent immediate hiring, such as delays from suppliers.

Besides, you may be part of a group of employees, and the employer may want to wait until everyone is hired before starting.

5) Will I be paid as an independent contractor or an employee?

It’s so important to know!

In fact,

This will determine whether you are eligible for social benefits.

If taxes will be deducted, and if you are covered by employment law.

6) What is the pay structure?

It’s essential to know how you will get paid.

Is the pay an hourly rate, a salary, or commission?

Ensure that the pay system fits your goals and personal values.

Ask also how you will be paid and how often.

7) Is there a possibility of advancement or an increase in pay?

Everyone seeks for advancement.

If the employer has no opportunities for raises, bonuses, or additional work, it might not be a great deal over the long-term.

8) When can I expect to hear from you?

Don’t get left behind by the companies. 

Most interviews end with a “we’ll keep you informed.” 

Ask them to confirm the date when they will select a candidate. 

Be sure to send them a thank-you note after the interview.

It’s an easy way to stand out.

list of the best websites to find work-from-home-jobs

Finding a job online means finding your niche and activity sector.

work at home jobs are generally divided into various categories, which include, but are not limited to:

  • digital assistant jobs 
  • data entry
  • Translation
  • content creation
  • design and development
  • Virtual assistant jobs
  • Marketing
  • Social media management

If you’re lucky, you may already have experience in one of these areas.

Maybe you’ve done some creative graphic design, or you’re an IT geek, or you’re an avid writer.

Once you’re sure of what you have to offer,

you might want to use the sites below to find positions remotely in the specialty of your choice.

Websites on telecommuting job offers

In the first part of this list, we will look at online job sites that focus on remote employment opportunities. 

However, freelance work will be detailed later.

1) Flexjobs

We put it at the top of the list because we think that Flexjobs is the number one reference for work-from-home jobs.

flexjobs review


This website helps job seekers find jobs that are better suited to their lives.

The best thing with Flexjobs is that Every single job on their website is serious and hand-screened for legitimacy.

Flexjobs don’t accept ads or scams!

Moreover, every single job offers work flexibility, such as working from home, freelance, part-time, or other flexible options.

FlexJobs membership allows job seekers to find a better way to work through their job offers in more than 50 career categories, career coaching, skills testing, and more.

There are three subscription plans :

  • $14.95/month
  • $29.95/quarterly
  • $49.95/annually.
flexjobs plans

Yes, You have to pay for access.

But behind this paywall, you get a highly well-vetted experience.

People in all niche areas can find home-based work opportunities there.

flexjobs testimonials

FlexJobs scored 4.68 stars out of a total of 228 consumer reviews, indicating that most customers are generally pleased with their purchases.

If you have a little bit of investing and something to offer in your niche, it’s a great starting place.

2) SkipTheDrive

skip the drive review

Among these other job listings that are reviewed in this guide, SkipTheDrive allows remote job seekers to search seamlessly for jobs with filters.

The home page contains a browse by category section that makes the process of job search as simplified as possible.

skipthedrive testimonials

They do not offer registration for you to be part of their community, which is worth the try signing up if you have the required skillset. They also seek out and pull jobs from other, more prominent websites to be streamlined by you in terms of location, pay, relevance, full/part-time.

3) Working Nomads

working nomads review

WorkingNomads was created for remote workers who would love to work from places around the world, even while traveling.

They source out for many companies who need remote workers and make daily remote job listings available in different areas such as development, design, marketing, sales, and whatever niche you might be aspiring to work for as a remote worker.

You can choose to be a full-time remote worker or a part-time remote worker, especially for works with final projects.

You could also choose to accept jobs that are partially remote within your locality or in countries where you have gone to graze the fields as a working nomad, meaning that you may have to pay a visit on companies depending on an agreed number of times.

4) TheMuse

Themuse review

One fascinating fact about Themuse is its commitment to providing information for people who are interested in remote working.

Periodically blog posts that attempt to answer important and vital questions are updated on the site’s homepage.

The platform hosts many companies in areas of Media marketing, businesses, and even research companies.

In doing a job search, you can use the job filter to make sure that search results match your expectations.

The platform is intricately designed and very simple for effective use.

There is a career advice section which is for free on the muse, here you can read about other articles posted by people who are experienced in the high powered world of remote jobs.

5) Outsourcely

Outsourcely review

Though there is a free subscription, Outsourcely also has an advanced membership subscription, which is quite low compared to other websites that offer remote working jobs.

Some of the benefits attached to being a subscribed user include receiving real-time chat messages, direct messages, to have your search results placements, it even allows you to make job application placement as well as video calls and voice calls Oh and The ability to send a voice note or video message.

It is one of the best platforms for people looking for full-time remote jobs.

In filling out their form, you can indicate all your skillset and make sure to add the level of experience for each of them.

6) We Work Remotely

weWorkRemotely review

If you are a copywriter or have acquired any other digital skills and interested in working remotely for reputable companies, WeWorkRemotely prides itself with over 2300 visitors to the website and over 500 positions that are sourced for every month for every remote writer.

All you have to do on the website is to access the “check flow” session. This section allows you to post your job information to a company of interest.

Then after posting,  you can go ahead to add your email for any other company and job you may be interested in.

The platform will automatically search for your email and pull out your job posting from there. Then you can go ahead to fill out the payment information. 


You are graced with a long list of jobs that can be done remotely once you enter this site.

Jobs that cut across marketing; in design, software development, website development, full-stack development, and other tasks that offer mouth-watering satisfaction for people who have found passion in them.

They also have a “become a digital nomad” session that shows beautiful tiles of places where you can carry on as a nomadic worker.

These suggested places are listed with prices, the benefits of the location, the different working conditions such as internet speed, weather, cost of living and even lifestyle, to the very underlying commodity of water (they tell you the condition of drinking water), the hospital and amenities around, currency exchange rate.

Just visit the site, you may want to try out nomadism in your working experience.


Remotive review

Offer a countless number of gigs to companies and handpicked job offers all over the dunes of the internet market.

Remotive makes clear as crystal all the details you need to know about a job, when, and where it was posted.

The pay and the specialty such a job belongs to.

Remotive prides itself with top-notch customer services and a community that serves vital information its member’s ad as well provide insights on the new trends of marketing, software development, agency production, management, and other areas available on the long list of jobs.

Move on to their success story session and read up the fascinating story of other workers.

9) Powertofly

Powertofly review

With a commission to help companies diversify the labor force of companies.

They do this not just in culture and color diversity, but also introducing women into contributing their prowess and passion into companies that are looking for remote workers.

Joining power to fly, you need to be vetted after which lasts for about 2-4 weeks.

After this period, you will be on a paid trial; this is to make sure that the people signing up on the website do have the capability and requirements to meet the needs required for every job.

If you are a woman seeking to put out yourself to the world and as well meet other women who are joining the skill-driven power in the world, then join Powertofly.

10) Indeed

Gathering over 250 million visitors indeed places its job seekers as a priority while giving them free access to look for jobs that suit their passion.

They have access to over 8900 employees who are ready to offer remote jobs.

Indeed also uses a demographic search system to find jobs that are in your locality.

When applying, they make work easier for you by offering a platform where you can fill in your CV on a set-out template. They have a community where people of similar interests can discuss needs, progress, and problems.

You can also use the available resources to help yourself out in areas of career guidance and useful tips.

11) Glassdoor

Glassdoor reviews

Just like some other remote job websites that we have reviewed on this post, Glassdoor, as the name suggests, searches for jobs as transparent as possible.

They collect jobs from millions of companies on the internet and bring them all in one place.

Due to the vast selection of employment, you may have to be specific about all that you offer.

When signed up on Glassdoor, you can search for jobs on companies, get access to substantial information about them, and get to compare their benefits with other companies before choosing to apply.

12) AngelList

AngelList reviews

If you ever want to be part of an innovation, something new, in whatever country you wish, and to work an idea from the foundation up to a well-established stage, then go ahead and be the angel of a start-up company.

And just like angels do, they are always offering their services from a remote distance.

Apart from the start-up brands and businesses, there are also other companies for whom you can offer your services.

A spectacular feature of the Angellist remote job platform is the salary transparency feature that carries on the header the annual salary.

It also provides anonymity such that only the only ones who know you are looking for a job are the companies you apply for.

13) Ziprecruiter

Ziprecruiter is another remote platform with a beautiful and efficient UI design for concerned individuals.

Here companies sign up and post jobs for free on templates.

The posed jobs are sent to over 100+ job sites to find a matching remote worker.

Remote workers get flexible jobs of various categories in a mobile-friendly application with enabled notifications.

You can choose to work part-time, full time, do an internship, shift, weekend jobs as a medical assistant, Phlebotomist, writer, video game tester, dental assistant, welder, dental assistant, and many other tasks that are available for the wide range of clients.

14) Cloudpeeps

Cloudpeeps reviews

These folks have been around since 2015, and ever since then, they have formed a community of freelancers and remote workers.

The method for application in Cloudpeeps is different.

Here you do not just sign up to be a freelancer; instead, you apply before you can be able to join their platform.

When a member, you will come across job offers of interest which will require to pitch to such jobs.

CloudPeeps focus more on tasks centered around social media, marketing, copywriting, and content writing.

These jobs don’t exclude other kinds of jobs that you can find on the platform.

What is it going to be? Do you think you have what it takes to be there? You can try them out.

15) Udacity

They are based in California and was launched in 2007.

Since then, they are committed to providing effective, trust centered, and flexible jobs.

They achieve this by combing the market for companies that incorporate remote jobs to add to their collection of jobs. Other companies also post open job listings for interested and capable portfolios to apply directly.

Their job search system is curated for ease of assessment. Each of the companies that offer remote services is listed in a grid format boldly with their icons.

You can then click on the icons to pitch your portfolio.

Candidates in Europe can use the EuropeRemotely tool to access remote jobs that are based in Europe.

Don’t forget to optimize your CV with keywords when applying for these remote jobs.

16) Jobspresso

Jobspresso reviews

Jobspresso offers secure collaboration with clients and freelancers for high-quality services in the high powered world of tech, marketing, customer support, user experience services, product manager, just to mention a few.

They boast of efficient handpicking when it comes to jobs, meaning that the available jobs are manually reviewed.

Joining Jobspresso allows you to post your job search in an autopilot system that will enable you to receive updates on your Twitter and Facebook handles.

Another good news is, this website is free for you to join.

Companies are the ones who post job listings on their site, and may also boost their jobs as ads for you to see.

17) SolidGigs

SolidGigs reviews

SolidGigs remote job services are pretty contract-based. Where you offer a gig for an interested party, then sign a contract agreement with them.

They offer a job list and a community where freelancers can share insights and help each other out on the platform.

An updated course library that lets you take courses to upgrade your skills as well as keep up with the recent trends of your niche.

Some of the essential topics of freelancing are handled there on solid gigs; client acquisition, pricing, pitching, and a step by step guide on how to charge according to your worth.

While on SolidGigs, matching freelancers with potential clients is efficient and time-saving.

This upper hand can be attributed to some features such as “weekly gigs lists,” where the website provides available jobs from several job boards, this saves you enough time on the laptop looking for jobs.

18) reviews prides itself with over 141 remote companies where you can work remotely.

They offer a platform of services that spans across so many niches.

Web designers, tech supporters, operation, sales, marketing, attorneys, data specialists, health instructors, writers, and project managers can all apply to get paid depending on their credibility in those different fields.

To enroll and remain on the platform, you are charged about $19-$49 monthly.

Having a membership allows you to pitch an application for which you are not invited to.

There is also a free membership for those who want to start small.

The professional services on RemoteJob are matched up with prospects who need your services by your portfolio, interests, and skill levels, which is why its good to make sure that you are witty when signing up.

19) Justremote

Just remote reviews


You can be among the 20,000+ remote workers on just remote. They offer a simple platform and also made ease of communication between workers and partners a goal.

The services you can offer on JustRemote center around development, software development, software architecture encompassing areas of blockchain, healthcare technology, and other smart contracts.

Software and android engineering are also part of the developer jobs included in services offered on JustRemote.

The services for the marketing sections include customer marketing, Ecommerce e-mail specialist, and head of growth.

Another section that may interest you is the manager/executive job section that offers the opportunity for you to provide professional services all remotely; Human Resource Management, Business Development, and sales, talent sources are all included among a host of other executive jobs.

Tools included on JustRemote includes spotlight, Skillcrush – allows you to learn and hone your skillsets. RemoteYear and Croissant which enable remote workers to travel while they work.

20) Virtual vocations

virtual vocations reviews

This is the right website for you if you are seeking to serve your skills in the niche of telecommuting.

Virtual vocations offer a platform that helps to prospect freelancers with helpful tools that you can access through different membership packages. 

One of the notable features of virtual vocations is the Job application history feature. It exhibits your portfolio to potential customers and helps to throw light on your credibility in the work you signed up for.

Despite having a money-back guarantee, they also have a package for freebies to sign up. The resume creation feature also sets a guide to help you create a CV in no time.

Virtual vocations also offer a lot of professional/mid-level courses as well as a wide range of tools that makes working on your computer from the comfort of your home.

More websites will be added to the list (soon)!

Now I’d Like To Hear From You

So that’s it for my guide to working from home in 2020.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Do you find this guide helpful?

Is there any useful information I left out?

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

Either way, go ahead and leave a quick comment below right now.

Of course, no need to remind you that sharing is caring.

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      You are welcome Nigar

  5. Angela Sedlak | Mean Green Chef

    Great post packed with a ton of info, I LOVE (did I mention Love) working from my home office and kitchen for myself. Best move I ever made, thanks for sharing!

    • Imad

      Yes, I love working from home too. Thanks for your comment and wish you all the best.

  6. Sivaranjani

    My choice is always work from home . We can take care of our health and finish work too.

    • Imad

      Yes Sivaranjani! I agree

  7. Chad

    oh wow, this is THE GUIDE for home jobs, LOVE IT!!! The info and resources in the guide are amazing, thank you thank you thank you.

    • Imad

      You are welcome Chad. I hope this guide will help you

  8. tarund

    thanks for this! I’ve been in between jobs for over 2 years now and i’ve been trying to find a way to work from home and so far most of the sites i’ve been on don’t really apply to people living outside the US. Do any of these websites cater to people living outside of North America and Europe?

    • Imad

      Hello Tarund. you can find some opportunities in most of the websites mentioned in the guide



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