Working two jobs or more at the same time

Working two jobs
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Times can be tough in life. It’s especially true in the case of finances, where the pressure of bills tends to overwhelm us at times.

And when times get tough, people often get two jobs. In some instances, they may hold even more jobs, given the amount of financial stress they are in.

For those who are planning on holding down two or more jobs, there will always be the question of how to manage it all.

There are undoubtedly many things to take into consideration. Given in the list below are some of the most important in this regard.

Understand The Time Factor

Every job has a particular time factor involved.

Full-time jobs require you to work at least 8-10 hours a day. Part-time jobs, on the other hand, require you to work for maybe half of that.

In addition to this, there are other things you should take into consideration, as well. These include, but are not limited to, time spent on getting ready, traveling through traffic, etc. All of these things need to be taken into consideration when calculating the time factor involved with the jobs.

How to Manage Two Jobs? Managing the Work Hours

You will need to figure out a way to manage the work hours.

In simple words, you have only 24 hours a day. In that, you will need to do many things, and not just work at the job. These things include sleeping, relaxing, spending time with family, and so on.

Given that there is an upper limit on how many hours you can work each day, you will need to figure out how much time you are willing to work, as well as what is practical. In other words, you cannot hold two eight hour jobs, without sacrificing on everything else, including your daily sleep.

Negotiating For A Different Time Shift

If you are working right now for a company and would like to join a second job, you will probably find the work hours to be clashing.

In other words, you will probably notice that both the jobs require your presence at the same time. This is impossible, as you cannot be in two places at the same time.

Therefore, you will need to negotiate with your employer for a different time shift. If you cannot do so, you may want to give up the part-time job or your current job, depending on whatever suits your current needs.

Changing Job Locations

When you have two jobs in two different locations, you will find it harder to commute from one place to another.

The result is that you are very likely going to be very late for your work, and not do an outstanding job at either of them. In this regard, you may want to change your location and move to a place that is easily accessible to both of the jobs.

Changing Transportation Mode

This is not always required, but you might want to consider it anyway.

Given the high costs of commuting due to fuel costs, traffic, and so on, you may want to rethink how you get to your place of work.

Do you travel by car or bike every day?

Maybe you will be better off taking a bus instead. The point here is that you will need to take into consideration the transportation factor before you start working two jobs.

Make the Necessary Household Arrangements


If you are working two different jobs, you will need to have a household environment to go with it.  This includes the cooperation of your family members, the people around you, a tidy home, etc.  

You cannot work in two places at once if your residence is a hostile mess. For example, you may have family members who don’t want you to be working two jobs. Likewise, you may be living in an apartment and will have to be coming late at night, which may cause inconvenience to those whom you are living with.

Assess Lifestyle Changes

Figure out your current lifestyle and figure out the necessary changes to be made.  This includes everything from sacrificing your free time to giving up your lunch break. In simple words, if you want to work two jobs, you will be sacrificing time from elsewhere.

Start the Transition

After you figure out all that needs to be done, start taking action.

You will need some time to get adjusted to your new lifestyle. Keep this in mind, and start working. It will probably take about a month to get used to your new lifestyle. If you can manage to hold on for a month or so, you will be able to make a transition in a reasonably smooth way.

As a whole, it is certainly a sad thing that you are going through a high degree of financial stress in life.

But do know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel. You may not be able to get out of the mess right now, but it is certainly possible in the future. If you can find wisdom in the list mentioned above of strategies, as well as those that are similar in nature, you should be able to get out of your mess in no time.

We also recommend thinking about virtual assistant jobs as work from home jobs!

Last Updated on December 28, 2019 by Imad
Imad Aharchaou

Imad Aharchaou

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